Terrorism, Destabilization, and the Modern Global Environment Research Paper

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There is also increased fears of the use of nuclear and biological weapons through which terrorists can launch violent attacks (The diplomacy of counterterrorism, 2002, USIP:4).


In response to many of these problems, the drive has been towards consolidation -- consolidating domestic efforts within the United States to enhance information-sharing between law enforcement agencies and also to improve efforts between states to engage in mutually beneficial monitoring of the geopolitical situation to reduce terrorism. Certain aspects of the new, globalized world will be difficult to contain, however, including the diffusion of communication as well as enhanced capabilities to launder money for illicit, terrorist purposes. There are no quick fixes for addressing the problem of terrorism given the growing pervasiveness and diffusion of the problem: "the most effective measures are those that are developed in the context of a multifaceted policy, with political, legal, social, diplomatic, economic, and military elements" (The diplomacy of counterterrorism, 2002, USIP: 8).


Garrett, B. & Adams, J. (2004). U.S.-China cooperation on the problem of failing states and transnational threats. United States Institute for Peace, 126: 1-16

Denning, D. (2001). "Activism, hacktivism, and cyberterrorism." Networks and netwars: The future of terror, crime, and militancy. Rand, 239-288Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Terrorism, Destabilization, and the Modern Global Environment Assignment

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