Is Terrorism Effective? Essay

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¶ … Terrorism Effective?

The term "terrorism" is basically politically and fervently charged which compounds the struggle of providing a precise description of terrorism. Some examination studies by intellectuals have shown the fact that there are over 100 various terms of terrorism. A less diplomatically and emotionally charged denotation of terrorism is a better well-defined word that is often utilized for referring to fear. The word "fear" derives from a Latin word with a connotation that means "to be frightened." (American Heritage Online Dictionary, 2010) Many people share the definition of terrorism in that it means a violent activity which is envisioned to generate fear, to endorse an ideological/political objective, and purposely aim at civilians and non- civilian targets (American Heritage Online Dictionary, 2010). With that said, terrorism appears to be more effective when used against a democracy vs. A more repressive regime for many reasons.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Is Terrorism Effective? Assignment

Terrorism is more effective against a democracy because it poses distinctive challenge to the liberal democratic state. The transnational nature of terrorism requires collaboration among and between states to speak to this common threat. Comparative studies disclose that societies that are of liberal states must offer consensus for those anti and counter terrorist guidelines which are adopted by the state (Dantzker, 2010). If democracies that are liberal began to take police state-like action in reply to terrorism, then questionably the terrorists have accomplished what they set out to do. Terrorism goal is to make sure that they affect every root of democracy. However, their main goal is to get the citizens to even question that fact, Is democracy worth it? Is this form of government really bringing the protection that we need? Terrorist use this strategy to attack western democracy because it plants seeds in the back of the minds of every citizen. It is very effective because it brings panic to a group of people that have put all of their trust in a form of government that is popular all over the globe (Dantzker, 2010). The terrorist tactic is effective because it gets the people in debate on whether or not a democratic nation is even worth it. In short, terrorists target state lawfulness, and political culture is at the root of this investigation because it reflects a society's legality for its policies and its leaders. It is also the element that is missing of a lot of unrestricted social equalities.

It can be noted that one effect that terrorism has had on democracy is the impact of 9/11. Everyone knows that the terrorist attacks that went down on September 11, 2001 ("9/11"), really brought change to many things, as well as the consideration of scholars (Leahy, 2005). In the wake of those proceedings, investigation on how terrorism disturbs mass publics, and public view in specific, propelled from a modest originality to an industry that was booming. People getting an understanding of the roots and significances of terrorism, on democracy really turned out to be a matter of increased scholarly interest and heightened public substance. Social scientists that had been furnished with surveys and other gears of their trade replied quickly, and the first wave of published research reports seemed little more than a year after 9/11. It was clear with these reports that terrorism had indeed affected democracy in more ways than one. The biggest impact that it had was that it brought about fear.

The ensuing development in awareness by those that support democracy has been exponential and continues quickly, but then again, for all that the gains have been great, this knowledge has arrived mostly in bits and pieces. In Democracy at Risk, Elizabeth Zechmeister and Jennifer Merolla depart from this tendency by participating in a more unrelenting treatment and wider attention that talks about how terrorism brought fear to democracy (Dantzker, 2010). The final product of course seems to be is a fresh, bold, rigorous account of how the danger of international terrorism has transformed democratic citizens. One of these ways that it has done that is by frightening them into thinking that democracy is not capable… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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