Terrorism the Efforts to Outdo Essay

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The most sensitive and instantaneous effects turned out to be the shock as well as the loss of innocent life. This was followed by the affected economy due to the damage, air travel disruption, as well as increasing uncertainty security wise and world financial markets. A number of recommendations were highlighted in the report on the 9/11 recovery operation and it was very clear that thousands of people suffered adverse and mental health effects in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack. Whereas a good number have regained their health, others keep on experiencing tough times from a variety of circumstances that are linked with WTC exposure, including greater and minor respiratory infirmity as well as rational health state like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

While the full range of Ground Zero problems are indefinite, an emergent body of indication suggests that considerable health situation did emerged that were associated with the disaster, particularly the victims who were open to the elements during the collapse of the towers as well as those who took part to a large extent in rescue, recovery and clean-up operations. There was a need for the industrial hygienists to evaluate the risk of exposure to chemicals and physical hazards around the Ground zero, a method for eliminating and controlling those hazards was also to be developed.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Terrorism the Efforts to Outdo Assignment

The major potential health hazards present at Ground Zero were that lots of unknown complications that were feared to be air borne could have been transmitted without the knowledge of the New York residence and this was due to the faulted reports by the environmental protection agency conveyed to the New York dwellers that the air around the Ground Zero is safe. In confirmation of the above EPA Inspector General Nikki Tinsley did came up with a report dated August 21, 2003 acknowledging that the reassurances were unsubstantiated. If precautions will not be taken this may end up causing more harm than good to the society around Ground Zero. And lots of the families will continue nursing wounds that the cures may not be found due to the fear releasing founded information to the public on the contaminated air and communicable disease by the Environmental Protection Agency. This kind of hazards should be well understood mostly by the workers and managers and also to know how to minimize them and to be aware of possible development of new hazards. Major hazard being toxic dust and chemicals that can cause death and serious illness preventive measures should be observed. Other possible hazards are toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and flammable gases this may come from ruptured gas lines or stored chemicals.

In terms of policy, there is a need to prepare government and the society to look forward to the unforeseen in this era of terrorism and what is expected here is to create a mindset both in government and the public that bestows once and for all with the notion that terrorism as well as terrorists are not permanent nuisance that time and intermittent policing efforts will put to an end. The denunciation perception puts both the government and the public in a continuous state of shock giving terrorists a plus that civil society should by no means concede.

It has also been recommended that there is a need to recognize that all terrorism ultimately is local and there is a need to concentrate attention where necessary in terms of terrorism war both locally and regionally. This is never meant to disagree with the notion of the globalizing of terror act instead it seeks to remind the public of what may seem clear at one level but is somehow obscured at another ( reality of largely maintenance of the local root and connections by these terror groups). The need to develop terrorism education at all level is also essential, this needs a proper in cooperation of terrorism subject into our curricula at every level.


It is clear that there are no silver bullets in the war against terrorism and report control is better served by distribution and sharing facts as they become accessible rather than allowing wrong and misleading reports to fill an information vacuum.

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