Terrorism Future Trends Case Study

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Forecasting Future Trends in Digital Crime and Terrorism

The advancement in technology and increased access to internet has made the confidential information vulnerable for the hackers and criminals in order to be misused by them for fraudulent purpose. The criminals have become more organized in their criminal activities in order to carry out their illegal processes and communication. The terrorism agencies have adopted internet intrusions which has threatened the national security and national information. Therefore, the training and development of cyber-agencies is required along with its compliance with law-enforcement and intelligence agencies in order to address the increasing intrusive attacks.











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Case Study on Terrorism Future Trends Assignment

In near future, the misconducts attempted with respect to computer and storage device will be increased and due to which the standardized institutions, personnel and resources are required for the prosecution of such misconducts. According to Taylor et al. (2011), the agencies that are responsible to control and track the virtual misconducts are increasing but they are not found to be adequate enough to meet the recurring number of these crimes. The survey conducted in this respect indicates that 67% percent businesses reported the intruder attacks in the year 2005 out of which 90% of them encountered with the average financial loss of $10,000 but, only the 15% of these businesses reported this issue to the agencies and these crimes were not prioritized by the law-enforcement agencies. Therefore, with the lack of business and public reliability on the agencies and the incompetency of law-enforcement agencies has caused the victims not to report these crimes and hence, the training of law-enforcement agencies to meet the demand of recurring misconducts and the compliance of local law-enforcement agencies with the cyber agencies is required to make the tracking procedure efficient.

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The theft of user identity will take place and the theft will comprehend as internet fraud which will victimize the large number of population by means of e-commerce fraud and pornography by the utilization of random identity-thefts. According to Taylor et al. (2011), the availability of online banking has increased the trend of e-commerce and the survey study shows that 8.3 million people from the U.S. were victimized by the identity-theft whereas $1.2 billion were lost due to the intruder's accessibility to personal banking information. The hackers' accessibility to electronic-money makes the hacker to trade and consume the money and the number of e-commerce businesses and the foreign existence of these hackers make it difficult to be tracked. Moreover, the fake businesses can be developed to victimize the consumers with their products and offers for investments and people tend to rely on these businesses due to huge profits and monetary returns. Therefore, it is required by the law-enforcement agencies to generate an online database of legitimate businesses in order to provide consumers with the knowledge about the business with which they are going to make purchases and investments.

Forecast 3

The crimes with respect to the social networking will be increased and new standardized methods are required to address them. The increasing trend of social networking has made the cyber-stalking easier in order to track and harass someone. It has been observed that out of the total population that uses social networking, half of them have been victimized with harassment and cyber-stalking out of which 35% of them were misconducted with pornographically. The availability of users with respect to their personal information, contact details and media related to their videos and photographs has become available to known and anonymous people has made the harassment and stalking easier. The use of untraceable websites for e-mails has made the harassment anonymous and difficult to prove in the court of law. Moreover, the increasing trend of online workplaces has made the personal information of users available on the WLAN servers and due to that harassment has become extreme with the misuse of this information. Therefore, due to the unavailability of legislative laws, it is required that appropriate laws should be made in order to discourage the attempts of harassment and cyber-stalking (Taylor et al. 2011).

Forecast 4

The coordination among the hackers around the globe will make the hacker systems more advanced and they will be used for the attempts with respect to monetary, religious and political issues. According to Taylor et al. (2011), there exists 1000% growth in the annual internet users which has made it easier for the hackers from all over the world to stay connected and improve their hacking expertise. Moreover, the group of hackers can communicate with each other easily, develop community and create hacking objectives and challenges that make the hacker community to indulge in hacking attempts at larger level. The access to internet has made the availability and sharing of cracking software available and the continuous development in these cracking systems is taking place. The group hacking results in a large number of assaults for example; during the year of 2005, a Danish newspaper reported 3,000 intruder attacks as retaliation for the publishing of satirizing cartoons which mortified the Muslim community all over the world. The group hacking can also result in the intruded access to online banking and cause large amount of monetary loss due to the high efficiency of hackers (Galeotti, M. 2014). Therefore, it is required that intelligence agencies and law-enforcement comply with each other to address this assault effectively.

Forecast 5

It has been forecasted that the traditional mafia activities will be modified and will operate at large scale due to the increased accessibility to population and information. The mafia groups can operate in an organized manner with the use of computer applications for the record keeping process and the fake currencies, passports and car identification numbers can be developed with the utilization of high definition gadgets that are able to develop and enhance the graphics in order to make the authorized papers authentic. The example states that the $100 U.S. bill was counterfeited and was rotated in the market and after that the U.S. treasury took necessary steps, modified the design of the bill and claimed that it cannot be copied however, the duplication of modified bill occurred within one month. According to Taylor et al. (2011), the availability of high definition scanners and graphical software made the duplication possible. The online sources have made the gambling possible to the regions where it is prohibited and the involvement of mafia in this practice has become easier. The black market has become strengthened due to the organized electronic supply chain procedures, transactions and increased access to black market. The sexual commerce has been made accessible to the regions where it is prohibited and the telecommunication fraud has been increased in which the routing of telecommunication lines is used to generate profits, theft of credit card numbers has taken place by hacking the banking telecommunication lines, capturing of phone numbers for fraudulent use and the theft of business phone lines is used to make personal calls because the recognition of company phone theft takes time due to the heavy usage and billing amount of telephone. Therefore, the law-enforcement and intelligence agencies should be provided with training and resources to track these misconducts and reduce their activities (Galeotti, M. 2014).

Forecast 6

The terrorist groups from specific communities will modify themselves and will use internet for the accomplishment of their terroristic objectives. The recent jihad guidelines emphasize on the cyber jihad in order to attack and crack the western database systems (Taylor et al. 2011). The internet has given these terrorist groups the accessibility for better communication, staffing and online fund-raising. The unforgettable example of online terrorist attack known as the "Electronic Battle of Guantanamo" in which the American stock exchange and banks were attempted for intrusion but the attack failed due to the intelligence reports. The cyber-attack system is not practiced at large level but in future, the organized terrorist groups use these practices which threaten the economy of the states and the success of these attempts will question the intelligence services and financial services of the country by the public. Therefore, the integrity of law-enforcement agencies and cyber-law agencies is required to make these intrusion attempts fail and the proper training and provision of resources is required for the cyber-law agencies to make them effective (Galeotti, M. 2014).

Forecast 7

The online hacking systems will be modified and will make intrusion attempts on the economical, legitimate proprietor basis. The modification of terrorist agencies with respect to being organized and accessibility to confidential data and the accessibility of internet and resources to the U.S. hostile countries like China and Russia can make attempts to destruct the economy be accessing the business information and processes that provides the companies competitive advantage (Ball & Webster, 2003). The example entails that the Russian hackers made intrusive attempts to the websites of Estonian embassies, commercial and government websites which resulted in the shortfall of financial procedures in 2007, however the intrusive attack from China to U.S. resulted… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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