Terrorism Influences Research Paper

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New mission of Homeland security

After the 9/11 homeland security mission has been revolutionized and distance between law enforcement and intelligence has been eliminated. These changes are more prominent on state level. Most of the countries have retaliated by combining existing public security, emergency response capabilities and law enforcement. Moreover, before most of the countries have no effective intelligence agencies but now most countries have reacted by creating multiple intelligence cells in existing setup. (Steiner)

Modern terrorism and new level of relationship between federal, state, local government agencies and private corporations

Modern terrorism has made federal governments more skeptical. For example before 9/11 everyone was allowed to get training of flying the plane in the U.S.A. But now these laws have been made stricter. Moreover, more local security agencies have been given contract like Black water in USA by the government. Tourist organizations are more answerable to state and its agencies. Private corporations are more under scrutiny.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Terrorism Influences Terrorism Has No Assignment

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