Term Paper: Terrorism the Intelligence Community Does a Fairly

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The intelligence community does a fairly good job in analyzing terrorist operations, but they have not been able to find Osama bin Laden, and they have not been able to control terrorism around the world, in fact, terrorism events are up this year, despite more analysis and control. There are so many tools available to help analyze terrorism that it is almost overwhelming, and terrorists can outwit most analysts because they are determined to do so, and they have the tools to help them outwit terrorist control and continue their activities. As soon as our country or another country puts one type of control in place, the terrorists attempt to override it, or find another way to resume their attacks of terror. For example, airline security is now extremely tight around the world, so terrorist strikes have been against other forms of transportation, such as busses, railways, and subways, and other forms or airport attacks have been devised, such as suicide bombing terminals.

There have been many unsuccessful terrorist plots uncovered in the past… [END OF PREVIEW]

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