Terrorism Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection Term Paper

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This definition will most likely fall short of total comprehension upon further analysis. The intentional or unintentional habit of associating terrorism with foreign freedom fighters committing acts of war on American soil seems to have attracted the majority of Western consciousness in today's discussions. The aforementioned phrase may indeed be the new, applicable and suitable phrasing for a consensual definition, however this consensus must be collaborated with qualitative research.This qualitative research project may reach out to different segments of society to gather of differing opinions about the word terrorism and how it should be used with today's lexicon. Terrorism and counterintelligence and other terms may also be offered up for redefining in this type of research. The words that are used in associating value to social issues such as personal safety should be selected with extreme care and precision. Confusion and doubt are usually results of miscommunication resulting from such unwillingness to re-examine phrases whose old definitions may seem obsolete.


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How much safety is a good thing? This question can be answered by many different approaches. Examining the economic expenditures and creating correlating qualitative values with this spending may be attempted in such a research project. For instance, violence statistics, such as random homicides, which may be classified as a terrorist attack, can be statistically investigated along with individual, state, and federal budgets. What is a safe living approach and is there an economic benefit to securing utility within the greater good?

Contrasting safe living with risky behavior, may also be an alternate approach for investigating this topic as well. What are the benefits of risking one's life? How can dangerous behaviors be used for the good of society? The answers to these questions, if found, may help alleviate certain pressures within society that have been continually misunderstood over the course of history.

Term Paper on Terrorism Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Protection, Assignment


Information flows freely and abundantly today in the 21st century. It may be time to look at the environment and see if there may be a possible overload of scientific information. Usually this information is classified as intelligence, but intelligence, with fragmented facts, may be more dangerous than its attainment may reveal. There is so much information and intelligence floating in the human consciousness today that it is a task in and of itself to organize the ever-changing, and ever rapidly changing systems of classification. This may be the challenge of all future research, the ability to flow and adapt with quick reacting systems as they evolve towards complexity and chaos. Finding a happy medium where information's quality is more appreciated may be a first step in new approaches of understanding intelligence, terrorism, and living a safe and well… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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