Terrorism Linked to Religion Essay

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The earlier terrorism caused by the military wing of HAMAS was used as a tool to gain political power to achieve their objectives of saving Muslims from oppression and devastation at the hands on Non-Muslims.

The constant evolution of the purposes and actions of such organizations must lead to the question that if Radical Islam and religious domination is not the cause of these attacks then what is the political agenda of terrorists?

Brzezinski presents a simple political explanation in this regard that, "it is the emotional context of felt, observed or historically recounted grievances that shape the fanatic pathology of terrorists and eventually triggers their murderous actions" (Brzezinski 2002). In relation to 9/11 and other attacks against the U.S., he argues, "American involvement in the Middle East is clearly the main impulse of hatred that has been directed against America" (Brzezinski 2002).

Reverend Springbett, a London Vicar, comments that, "Political leaders use differences in faith as a way of mobilizing support for political wars. The list of 51 victims on the 7/7 contained names from every part of the world and probably represented every faith. Exactly who were the bombers targeting?" (Mackay 2006).

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Since the start of recorded history, Man has sought to acquire as much political power and as much land as he can lay his hands on and in the 21st century, he's running out of excuses to invade new lands and seize more power. So, basically terrorism is linked to religion so much in modern times because they are both tactics to attain political objectives and power. Religion provides terrorism the perfect excuse as one cannot question the lengths to which a man would go to, to safeguard his religious morals and values. So, sometimes religious zealots are used as pawns in a power play that is not even imaginable by them as they believe to be "fighting for religious freedom."

Essay on Terrorism Linked to Religion These Assignment

Professor Mark Juergensmeyer wrote, "..religion is not innocent. But it does not ordinarily lead to violence. That happens only with the coalescence of a peculiar set of circumstances -- political, social, and ideological -- when religion becomes fused with violent expressions of social aspirations, personal pride, and movements for political charge" (Juergensmayer 2004 p. 10)

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