Terrorism Is a Major Threat Term Paper

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[. . .] This has effectively deterred the country from harboring those terrorists, and has enticed them to fully cooperate with the United States (NCT, 5)

In addition, the allied forces have used military force within Afghanistan, attacking key elements within terrorist networks within the country. By eliminating certain areas within the network, the military is effectively deterring terrorism by showing dire consequences for any association with a terrorist group. However, since the groups are relatively small, and difficult to find, other deterrents are also needed (Pillar, 11).

The recent attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden within Afghanistan and other countries, and the attempts to capture his allies, uses the deterrent of the intelligence networks. Using international law enforcement and intelligence, terrorists are deterred from traveling internationally in an attempt to gain access to countries they are attempting to attack (Pillar, 12).

The United States has a vast arsenal of anti-terrorism techniques in use. By using those components together, it is possible to produce a cohesive deterrent that is far more effective than the use of a single component alone. If not used in conjunction with one another, but instead used as separate entities, they can actually work against one another. The use of military force can, for example, interfere with the gathering intelligence, effectively negating the use of each component (Pillar, 13).

To effectively deter terrorism, the United States, and its allies, should always attempt the most effective means that causes the least amount of damage to all countries involved. Economic sanctions, social sanctions, and diplomacy must be attempted first, in an attempt to protect the lives of those within the country, and those at home. Policies must be in place to allow the fair, yet firm enforcement of all deterrent methods in use, and to coordinate those efforts in the most effective way. It is only through organized, uniform deployment of all deterrent methods possible that terrorism can truly be restricted and prevented.


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