Terrorism Narcoterrorism and Money Laundering Term Paper

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Term Paper on Terrorism Narcoterrorism & Money Laundering Narcoterrorism Is Assignment

Narcoterrorism is a modern reality. Terrorists often derive significant amounts of funding for their operations from the drug trade, leading many to conclude that illegal drugs facilitate terrorism (Blank, 2001). However, others go farther than this and suggest that the drug trade is sometimes a root cause of terrorism. This viewpoint is eroded by the realization that drugs hardly ever form a single backbone of terrorist funding -- it is quite often supplanted by other illegal operations such as kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, and human trafficking. Moreover, a successful trade in drugs requires territorial holdings to produce drug crops, something that modern terrorists like al Qaeda and others quite simply do not have (Felbab-Brown, 2006). In opportune circumstances, drug trafficking can be a crucial source of funding for terrorists; however, to suggest it is a root cause is to place the blame for terrorism squarely on state institutions that created a black market for narcotics… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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