Terrorism Preparedness Since September 11 Research Paper

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The perceived problem is that the NRP does not full address the problem associated with the hurricane problems. Moreover, there is a lack of effective operation plan with response to the NRP.

Essentially, the CIA (Catastrophic Incident Annex) is the overarching strategy to accelerate and coordinate proactive response to catastrophic incident. Essentially, the CIA-NRP is intended to address short-notice or no-notice incidents with respect to catastrophes. However, integrating non-federal stakeholders in the NRP is other issues that make policy maker think that NRP is not appropriate for the Katrina emergence. For example, the state government, local government, non-profits organizations and private sectors have been poorly integrated to address the national emergency policy that NRP could have implemented.

One of weakness of CIA-NRF is that many states lack effective strategies to address the catastrophes associated with hurricane. For example, the Louisiana was affected by the hurricane in 2008, killing 26 people and leaving million of homes without power. In the same years, the hurricane hit Texas leading to the deaths of 30 people and millions of homes lost power.

One of the strategies that could be employed to address the weakness is for the federal government to disburse funds to implement a comprehensive training for staff at the state level to support CIA-NRF to address the problem of hurricane at the state level. Moreover, the government should also conduct a specific -- task oriented training for the non-state stakeholders that want to participate in the CIA-NRF.

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III: NIMS "(National Incident Management System)"

Research Paper on Terrorism Preparedness Since September 11, Assignment

NIMS "(National Incident Management System)" was formed in 2004 as a framework to organize response to emergency at a national scale. The NIMS uses the principle, doctrine, and organizational process to provide efficient, collaborative and effective incident management. The primary objective of NIMS is to use a framework policy to organize an incident response at national scale. Essentially, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is one the key players in coordinating with NIMS to organize the incident management in effective and efficient manner. The primary portfolio of DHS is to coordinate the proper execution for the incident response. (Department of Homeland Security, 2012).

Despite effective method the NIMS used in preparing for the emergence, however, the organization possesses an evident bias toward terrorism. Moreover, the key players of the organization do not give much attention to prevention activities. (Stenner, Kirk, Stanton, 2006). Essentially, terrorism is one of the major incidents facing the United States presently because of the global terrorism. Failure of the key players to include terrorism in the incident planning serves as the weakness of the organization.


National Commission on Terrorist Attacks. (2004). 9-11 Commission Report. USA.

Stenner, R.D. Kirk, J.L. Stanton, J.R. (2006).National Incident Management System (NIMS) Standards Review Panel Workshop Summary Report. U.S. Department of Energy.

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