Terrorism Research Issues Research Proposal

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[. . .] Resolving field issues in this situation is essential to achieving a purposeful inquiry as researchers are increasingly being asked to research populations with special characteristics, in this case those close to the epicenter of a terrorist attack. The reality is that most of this research must be done on a fresh scale as most institutional lists and/or databases limit information to retain anonymity and protect participants. Therefore as Rothbart, Fine, & Sudman stress, "As research becomes more pointed, more informed by what has gone before, and more oriented toward practical implications, general population surveys often prove inadequate…field-drawn samples have become increasingly essential to successful surveys." (1982, p. 409) Some examples of field issues might be the express impact of; yield, location problems, coverage bias, the effect of inclusion rule, cost savings, and ethnicity or many other possible field issues. Field issues and other issue might get even more difficult to address after much time has passed, for example it may have been relatively easy to locate identify and sample indirectly involved in the September 11 attacks but might now be much more difficult, do to transitory issues, relocation or simply individuals seeking not to readdress such issues therapeutically or otherwise and redress how they are and were affected by them presently. For instance Ford, Adams, & Dailey utilized research conducted very early on to present post-9/11 survey data on the outcomes of problems that were time sampled for three months after the events, rather than newly generated data to record and publish on sample that was not presented until 2007.

The recording of information and storing of information would require the protection of subjects by means of the standards set up by a human subjects committee which would also require secure storage of information and the possible resurgence of anonymity through security as well as data storage of information coded with participant data that might be identifying. Though site storage of information is rarely an issue discusses in research works the stipulations, being assumed to be following the utmost of care according to the protections leveled by the standards of the human subjects committee utilized to approve the project they are exceedingly important, especially if data is collected that might be accessed later to do novel research on similar topics or simply for the purpose of retaining the security of individual's personal information.


Ford, J.D., Adams, M.L., & Dailey, W.F. (2007). Psychological and health problems in a geographically proximate population time-sampled continuously for three months after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist incidents. Anxiety, Stress & Coping: An International Journal, 20(2), 126-146. doi:10.1080/10615800701303215

Rothbart, G.S., Fine, M., & Sudman, S. (1982). On finding and interviewing the needles in the haystack: The use of multiplicity sampling. Public Opinion Quarterly, 46(3), 408-421. doi:10.1086/268737 [END OF PREVIEW]

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