Terrorism What Is the Role of Intelligence A-Level Coursework

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What is the Role of Intelligence in Fostering and Maintaining a Contextual Understanding of the Threats Inherent within the Terrorism Environment?

The role of intelligence is crucial in fostering and maintaining an understanding of the threats inherent within the terrorism environment. Intelligence allows nations to arrive at an understanding of the threats that exist and which strategies should be implemented in order to strengthen national defense. Perhaps the overriding quality of intelligence is balance; nations utilize intelligence in order to balance many factors, including costs vs. benefits, severity of a given threat, and long-term strategy vs. short-term gains. Each of these conflicts plays a vital component in strong national security, and intelligence does not result from the actions of a lone governing individual but instead necessitates input from a plurality of voices.

Intelligence has become especially difficult to implement successfully in the modern-day global climate. In particular, the effects of globalization have been immense, and it is particularly difficult to arrive at an understanding of exactly who the enemy is at any point in time.

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Accordingly, intelligence must recognize that the identification of the enemy cannot be tied down to an isolated nation. Moreover, the intelligence effort requires the participation of everyone, as terrorist attacks can be inflicted anyone at any time. One of the legacies of the September 11, 2001 is that they effectively transformed the way in which intelligence is framed and terrorist threats are viewed. No longer are terrorist threats attributed to an entire nation, and it is now common knowledge that terrorist attacks are administered by isolated individuals rather than vast systems of authority.

TOPIC: A-Level Coursework on Terrorism What Is the Role of Intelligence Assignment

Successful intelligence necessarily involves the assumption that one cannot zone in too heavily on one particular area of national defense.

Furthermore, it is impossible to comprehensively control every aspect of national defense, and there is no way of completely eliminating the possibility of a terrorist attack. For this reason, effective intelligence must be structured around limiting the risk for a terrorist attack rather than chasing the impossible goal of wiping out any and all threats. One of the prevailing fallacies with regard to national defense is that a nation must choose between stopping all threats (but in an erratic fashion) and stopping a proportion of threats (but in a comprehensive manner); ultimately, the most effective approach involves some medium between the two methodologies.

An appropriate, integrated approach involves rendering the consequences of a terrorist attack less severe while also making sure to allocate funds toward eliminating terrorist attacks altogether. Because every policy implemented by national security occurs at some cost (financial or otherwise), intelligence must arrive at a nuanced medium of large and small-scale initiatives. This balance is difficult to achieve in light of the fact that the Department of Homeland Security is charged with the responsibility of targeting areas as diverse as infrastructure, industries, and resources, while also remaining cognizant of the fact that there are no constraints on the extent of terrorist violence.

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