Terrorism Self-Determination No Group or Individual Term Paper

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No group or individual has the right to commit a wrong on another person, even in the right to self-determination, but that is not always how the world works. No person has the right to do wrong to another at all. In many countries, punishment is retribution, for example, in many Arab countries; thieves are punished by having a hand cut off. When one person commits a wrong on another, because of a perceived wrong or right, then it is retribution, and that is wrong. Often the fight for self-determination can turn into a fight of retribution, and that should never be the case. Again, the world is not perfect, and so retribution exists, just as violence during self-determination. A group can experience self-determination without committing offenses on another, but it can be difficult. If they do commit offenses, they may acting out of retribution, and this is never the right way to solve problems or differences.

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