Terrorism Is Spreading in Today's World Essay

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Terrorism is spreading in today's world and despite focused scientific research and numerous programs and articles on the subject, the situation continues. There are various reasons for the origin of terrorism. One of them is the explanation that terrorism is caused by "Social facilitation" (International Encyclopedia of Terrorism, 1997), i.e. social / ethnic / cultural / and/or religious traditions, and habits that cause aggression and praise violence against another frequently saying how this violence should be done. An example of this is the Irish tradition of terrorism that dates back to the eighteenth century based on the story of Michael Collins in 1919 that still leads to some of the terrorism of the IRA.

The strength of social facilitation is shown by study after study saying that terrorism is largely a cultural rather than an economic-driven phenomena (ibid.) and that, in that case, it is difficult to stop since cultural / religious myths tend to get transmitted from generation to generation as something that one has to do and as good.

Programs such as encounter groups (where people are encouraged to meet others of another race / nation) or other prejudice-targeting programs, usually prove helpful only in a laboratory environment (and generally when done on college / university students). In real life, these programs usually fall flat for a variety of reasons that include the following:

1. People growing up a terrorist environment are generally discouraged from being friends with their enemy in the first place. To the extreme, their lives may be in danger if they do so. At the very least, their doing so causes them to be rejected by their community.

2. People are influenced by their acculturation to an extent that consequences are enduring (Bargh, 1997) and

3. Cognitive psychology shows that individuals veer towards my-confirmation (i..e that their beliefs are right and it is difficult to think otherwise) and naive realism (i.e. preferring to believe that the other is wrong and that they are right) and rarely if ever changing their views (Nisbett, & Ross, 1980).

For all these reasons, a new and innovative approach must be created and this is where my idea comes in:


People, the world over, are interested in improving their behavior, if not for personal… [END OF PREVIEW]

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