Terrorism Terrorist Organizations Have a Wide Range Thesis

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Terrorist organizations have a wide range of methods and materials at their disposal. First, terrorist organizations depend on technology for communications and organizational management. Terrorist networks are relatively loose because they operate in clandestine and unofficial ways, but the networks are also impressively well-organized partly because of their ability to use technology not just for violence but for operations and communications. Seemingly nonviolent technologies can also be used as weapons: such h as large-scale cyber-terrorism. Terrorist hackers can take down an entire company or even a market. Second, terrorist organizations do rely heavily on weapons technology. The advancements in weapons technology and the availability of weapons-related information both contribute the growing strength of terrorist networks. The main challenge in using advanced weapons technology is that terrorist networks must operate exclusively on a black market. Third, terrorist groups do have access to a number of low-tech weapons of mass destruction that are shockingly easy to execute. Poisoning a water supply with a biological agent is a sure way to kill large numbers of people relatively easily, and the act can be carried out… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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