Terrorism Tragedies From Deadly Terrorist Essay

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A study at the Monterey Institute of International Studies by the Centre for Non-proliferation studies observes that; the threat biological weapons pose highlights a need to explore the meaning of weapons of mass destruction and include biological weapons considering the number of causalities likely to arise if such an act are undertaken. Current trends in terrorists' attacks demonstrate there is a likelihood for terrorists to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Although the production of weapons of mass destruction is an expensive and hard venture, terrorist groups like the al Qaeda and their vast wealth can easily obtain the mean to produce weapons. This compounds the efforts of government agencies to fight terrorism (McCarthy et al., 2008)

Role of modern terrorism in shaping the Department of Homeland Security's mission

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Homeland security has since the 9/11 attacks come up with new ways of fighting modern terrorism. High risk areas have been clearly demarcated with the FBI considering the stretch between Newark Liberty Airport and Port Newark as most dangerous. The federal government has also changed their priority in budgetary allocation awarding the department of homeland security a priority. Several initiatives on security measures have been proposed and entrenched by the department with more that strenuous security checks being instituted. Improvement on point of entry checks and quick response to likely security threats have been put in place. The department is also authorized to grant or deny entry of personalities as well as giving travel advisory to American citizen to high risk regions (Launtenberg, 2011)


TOPIC: Essay on Terrorism Tragedies From Deadly Terrorist Assignment

Modern trends in terrorism call for a renewed relationship between all three functions of the government. The federal, state and local governments need to work in corporation with the private sector to reduce security threats from terrorism and boost well-being of the citizen. Terrorism has a negative effect on the economic, social and religious well-being therefore, require a cohesive front to stamp it out. Diplomatic effort need to be considered in a bid to avert likely revolutionary actions from afflicted groups. Terrorism being an inhumane act needs to be with appropriate partnership with international organization (Morag, 2004)


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