Term Paper: Terrorism Who: The U.S. Congress What: Congressional

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Who: The U.S. Congress

What: Congressional Vote

Where: Washington D.C.

When: 6 Aug 2007 as reported by the New York Times

How: Recently, there was a congressional vote that authorized eavesdropping without warrants on international communications, including communications conducted by Americans residing within the United States.

Brief Analysis: Despite the Bush Administration's lack of credibility regarding the war in Iraq, fears regarding terrorism remain high enough that the Democratic Congress authorized the Bush Administration's ability to eavesdrop on citizens, ignoring civil libertarians' objections.

Who: The NYC Fire Department

What: The Deutsche Bank Fire

Where: NYC

When: 23 Aug 2007 as reported by the New York Times

How: Although the recent destructive fire at the Deutsche Bank in New York City was not caused by terrorist activity the fire has highlighted how safety recommendations for the city's fire department following 9/11 have not been implemented.

Brief Analysis: Even years after 9/11, every time a major explosion or fire occurs, the first thought that enters the mind of ordinary New Yorkers, and even professional firefighters, is the possibility that terrorism is the cause. But although NYC has learned to fear terrorism, it has not learned practical lessons in dealing with disasters from that day. For example, during the World Trade Center attacks, too many firefighters stormed the buildings at once, contributing to the staggering death toll. This mistake was repeated during the bank fire.

Who: The Pakistani Government

What: Release of terror suspect… [END OF PREVIEW]

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