Research Paper: Terrorist Attacks of September 11th

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[. . .] There is a clear sense that the state of emergency declared by the governor was not only well founded but necessary as was continual communication and coordination on the part of the helping agencies in the state. "To ensure safety, we have increased security at our airports public buildings major events, bridges, and tunnels-anywhere that terrorists might look to further spread fear, violence, and death. At the request of the president, I activated the state's National Guard to provide security at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. Guard members remained on duty until the new federal airport security force, created by Congress in response to the terrorist attacks, was deployed" (22).

Some of these changes in security and even the common sense of collective awareness among Maryland citizens and really citizens across the nation have remained in place and simply become a new part of the landscape of the nation, while some have abated. The immediate and long-term response to the attacks will likely be felt for decades as changes become cemented into the psyche of the nation. For instance it is not uncommon now to hear of calls for the police to investigate suspicious abandoned packages and though less common the occasional news story about foiled new terrorist plots on U.S. soil. There was a time when an abandoned duffle bag on a bus bench made no impact on the minds of individuals and parking as close as possible to a public building for convenience was expected while today these things are different and most people accept these minor changes. The governor of Maryland to some degree spearheaded the demand for people to return to "normal" lives, support the affected area, through normal activities like tourism, himself heading a group of governors on a tourism tour of New York and a visit to the Pentagon within weeks of the attacks to challenge the fact that the terrorists had not succeeded in bringing the economy and the nation's spirit to its knees (23).

Above all as stated by the now former governor a new sense of normalcy should include public vigilance and awareness, with a new and greater awareness of our surroundings but not a complete paralyzing fear of public events and spaces. Additionally, the governor stressed that keeping the economy strong was essential to remaining strong in the state and the nation and many steps were taken by the state to actively recover and respond to changes in economic need due to the events of September 11th. There is no better spokesperson than the then governor of the state of Maryland as to the actions of the state in the short-term in response to September 11th, as well as a keen sense of foreshadowing of what might be changed forever in the future of the state and the nation.


Glendening, P.N. (Sep. 11, 2002) Governing after September 11th: A new normalcy. Public Administration Review 62 Special Issue: Democratic Governance in the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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