Testing From Two Perspectives Term Paper

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¶ … testing from two perspectives: (1) as a test-taker and (2) as a test-Giver.

As a test taker, one argument for test-taking is that I am able to prove that I know the material if I have in fact studied for the exam. Tests can actually be an opportunity for me to raise my grade if I have slacked off on other assignments. Reviewing for tests is often when I learn the most, as well, because there is a clear set of questions that need to be answered. I know that tests can help the teachers assess my ability and let me know if there is a subject I need additional work on. Test taking can help the teacher assess both the class and the teacher himself! If everyone in the class fails a test, it is probably a sign that there is something wrong with the methods the teacher is using, and he can use this opportunity to try a new method. Tests can also be a positive thing because if I finish my test early, I get time to relax while the rest of the class finishes their tests.

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There are negative aspects about tests as well. First, tests make me nervous. I find it difficult to concentrate properly during a test, and material I knew the night before seems to disappear from my head. Tests are sometimes impossible to prepare for unless the teacher tells us exactly what questions will be on the test ahead of time, and if I do know exactly what the questions will be, then I just memorize the questions and answers and I do not really learn anything. I do not think it is good when a student has worked hard all year, participated in class, done all of the homework, and then one bad grade on a big test can ruin the student's grade for the entire year. I also do not like when I do not have enough time to finish a test and I feel rushed, because then I do not answer questions properly or completely in an attempt to finish on time.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Testing From Two Perspectives: (1) as a Assignment

2) as a test-giver, there are many pros to test-taking. First and foremost, it allows me a means by which to assess the achievement of each student. If a student is falling behind in the material without bringing this to my attention, a test will reveal that and I will know what areas to focus on with the student. Tests allow for teachers to track students into ability groups so that they can study and learn at an appropriate pace,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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