Theme of the Greenbelt Policy Research Paper

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They are also known to help in the fight against global warming and help the earth retain its earlier natural form in terms of the climate and weather (West L., 2014). Texas needs to be actively involved in the protection of the natural environment hence the passing of this law will significantly put Texas on the map of those regions that are concerned about nature and the global warming challenge.

The green belts are also known for the fundamental part that they play in the protection of wild animals as well as the plants that are found therein. Since the areas covered by the city are often busy section with activities going on, noises from the busy schedules of people, exhaust fumes that make it difficult for birds to inhabit the region, the green belts are the only sections that can be a refuge for the wild animals that are in the region. The human-wildlife conflict is significantly reduced by the existence of these greenbelts hence needs to be encouraged and indeed put to be a law in all the cities in Texas (Kamau David, 2013). There is ned to have people around the city to turn to conservation instead of getting into activities that will act to encourage conflict between human beings and the wild animals that shall have been displaced from the destroyed natural green belts and hence forced to get into the human habitats or clash with human in the process of being driven from their natural habitats (Kuschk, 2012).Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on Theme of the Greenbelt Policy Assignment

The rural areas that surround the cities are also at risk once the cities are left unchecked and expand or sprawl wantonly. The green belts hence are known to protect the character of rural areas that might otherwise be taken over by expanding suburbs. There is no better way to protect the rural areas from being changed totally hence lose their identity or even worse still be completely destroyed by the sprawling cities than the use of green belts. The rural areas are known to be characterized by the natural lifestyle, no high-rise buildings, natural conservation and care for the natural environment and the animals therein. If the greenbelts are destroyed, then even the rural areas that exist behind the greenbelt will be predominantly exposed to the destructive force and nature of the city, with streams that they sue being exposed to high risks of getting dry as was the case in Kenya (The Green Belt Movement, 2014). Texas is largely known to be rural in nature hence there is no where else in the U.S. that this greenbelt law needs to be passed than in Texas in order to ensure safety of the rural areas and effectively conserving the identity of Texas.

There is no better time to have the greenbelt law implemented in Texas cities than now since this will help curb the challenges that are faced not only by Texans but by extension the surrounding states. This will also help in setting a precedence that will be followed, no doubt, by majority of the states that shall have seen the success rates of this project in the region.


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