Essay: Theological Position of Dwight N

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[. . .] This was the reason the teachings about the faith was made through revelation. The revelation represents God's sayings, His commends for things He accepts and for matters He forbid. The mankind is bound to accept all the revelations of God and apply them in their daily routine work with full sincerity and conviction. The revelations are actually the guiding principles of the man's life. These guiding principles can't in any way be ignored or challenged by anyone. Nobody on the earth possesses the capacity to refurbish what God has said. These are accepted as it is and adjusted to the modern day living. Theologians, religious scholars try to make their contribution in making people understand these revelations and help them to adopt to their daily lives.

7. Faith if Life: Hebrews 10:38 - My righteous one will live by faith. Faith is a Kingdom life support system. Person's life without faith is just like a dust in the air that had no value and significance. The value of man's existence is weighted on the basis of their faith in God.

8. Faith as a blessing: Galatians 3:9 - So then those who are of faith are blessed. Faith is a bridge to God's blessings. It is a blessing to believe God. The primary element in Christian's life is to understand how faith functions and make contributions in their lives. The miracles of faith can't be ignored. Jesus has a noble place in the hearts and minds of people because of this faith. Till today humanity calls his name with respect and honor.

The development in the biblical writings has been the worldview in the God. The concept of worldview has been taken from the ideological concept which describes the basic stance towards God (Naugle, 2002). The worldview elaborates the grand story which narrates where the humans came from their origin and the whole process on which they are headed (Walton, 2006). One theologian had a view that tribal people learned their worldview from the sacred stories which have been told to them by their culture. It generally prevails true for many regions not just limited to the tribal concept of worldview (Pederson, 1997)

A Christological symbol connected to black people and their oppression

The work of Hopkins and first published and elaborated by Cone have reflected that due to the socio-economic condition and socio-political conditions African-American were severely suffering from slavery. It gives rise to the issue of treatment of African-American by the Christians who preached Jesus as the savior of all. This was the concept of Black theology. It gives birth to the Christological connection of Black theology in finding the answer 'who was Jesus for the liberation of the oppressed black?' The Black people and their oppression have concluded relationship between Jesus Christ and the oppressed. It had begin with the birth of the Jesus Christ and prolonged with the teachings and sufferings of his life. Christology from the Black perspective describes the importance of history as an inseparable element from the Christology. According to the Barth, 1959 the Church Dogmatic has covered four main doctrines: Revelation, God, Creation and Reconciliation. Church considered the religious symbol of the Christians is place for worship and all the believers are bonded by the supreme authority's revelation in the form of Bible (Barth, 1959)

God in Feminist Theological Conversation

In the years of 1970s when theological concept of black liberation was at its height, there arise a concept which needed much consideration and awareness at that time and it was of feminist theological concept. Females were acknowledged to believe that their existence also matters to the world and they are no way be dominated by the male segment of the society or will not be badly treated in the name of sexism. The feminist theology and feminism in generic terms have created its mark on the female growth and self-assurance. Widening theories and concepts were promoted for the protection of justice and human equality.

Elizabeth Johnson in her work named She Who is evidence of this confident Christian Feminism, doesn't want any sort of sympathy for feminism and is not trying to prove the intellectual capacity of the feminism. She is not even of the view that it is an inherent contradiction to be part of the Christian Feminist. The author had actually criticized the current tradition and support the point and positive aspects of feminist principle (Johnson, 1992).

The concept of the existence of the God is a mystery which can't be understood very easy and captures in the literature very conveniently. God has always been beyond our own imaginations and our own perceptions. The representation of God as an absolute male monarch, infinitely present everywhere in the world and have no resemblance with any of His creature, not class can compare his divine dignity. The argument of the author is not on the God's definition of His uniqueness and His definition in term of masculine bravery but rather she was an equivalent treatment when taking in consideration the attributes for describing God.


All the theological concepts are situational and conditional. The concept of theology for liberation has is a system which is affected by the socio-political, racial, ethnic and economic system of the society under consideration. All most all the liberation theologians are contextual therefore they are informed from their cultural heritage. Therefore in order to understand the theology of like say black liberation one needs to thoroughly understand the historical backgrounds and the cultural elements of that society. This will inform the reader that the dominance for which liberation activist is fighting is rooted back in the history and is not something of the recent years.

In this context of theological consideration social science as a study of the subject matter has a dominant role in the determining liberation of black. Concepts of social welfare which says equal rights for all mankind, justice to all and quality of living for all the citizens are the pillars that has laid the foundation of black liberation theology. Social science helps theologians review the real causes of oppression by uncovering the historical events, the mishaps in the society, and sufferings of its people and weak economic conditions which have forced them to live in miserable living. When the basic needs of people are not being fulfilled and the commands of God that it's the responsibility of the mankind to look after the well being of all is not given any consideration then people are most likely to take action for the protection of their rights through liberalism theology.

Social sciences have given birth to the social knowledge. The importance of social knowledge is stressed by many of the theologians. The liberation of black theology is also based on the knowledge of the historical perspective of the suffering and pain by the African-Americans which have created slavery in the black society. Their educational, social, welfare, economic and all the surviving needs were oppressed by the Western white theologians. It had forced the black liberation theologians to raise their voices for power right and awareness of the true religious teachings which was misrepresented by the western concepts. The pain in the society, cultural norms and heritage, and knowledge system shape the people thinking and perception about the faith and theological concepts. These concepts then give rise to activist and liberalization like black liberation theology.


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