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Question 2: Is it appropriate to attempt to be an "Acts Church" today? That is, is it appropriate to use the book of Acts as a guide to establishing and operating a Church today? Why or why not?

The church today ought to take the Book of Acts as its guide as it establishes itself and carries out its activities of spreading the Gospel. The book of Acts gives the perfect demonstration of what a church filled with the Spirit's presence is like; how it conducts its activities, how it chooses its leaders, and how it earns God's favor. The book of Acts is especially more relevant now, when the church is facing a series of rather tough tests, such as the same-sex marriage debate which has got the church divided and almost appearing as a failed institution. The solution does not lie in reengineering; the church needs to go back and seek the Spirit's guidance, and be restored to the original specifications of divinity and glory.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Theology: Book of Acts Assignment

Just as is the case today, the Church in Acts was not perfect. It made mistakes but was quick to realize them and turn back to God. God restored it back to glory because there was a purpose that He intended the church to achieve. In the same way, God has a purpose for the church today. The leadership wrangles, divisions, and false prophets that characterize the church today are indicators of its sunken glory. If it went back and sought God's guidance as the Church of Antioch did, the original love and glory would be restored, and the acts of genuine love that were traditionally a part of the church will begin to be seen again. Love brings about unity and keeps the church working together towards an organized mission as is depicted in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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