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We are responsible for the other, and it is only by my involvement in, and relationship to the other, that I can define 'Truth'. Value for the other, in other words, dominates attempting to find meaning for myself.

Scripture gains its meaning when it results in higher ethics and ethical direction. Truth is empty without love. Love and goodness have to preside. Practicum must precede theory.

A craft more than a method

Gadamer differentiates between "truth and method'. We are all addicted to 'method' or instruments that serve as heuristics to gaining certain ends. These may be health, or cessation of smoking, and so forth. Truth, to Gadmaer, was more important, since it steeped us within the context and helped us gain an inside, novel perspective of it. Method distances us form the process, whilst truth steeps us within the world. Heidegger compares this to the carpenters working with woods to build cabinets. Knowledge is insufficient. It is by experimenting with, and fusing himself with the different kinds of wood, that the carpenter becomes more skilled. He becomes a part of it -- in it -- rather than detached from it.

This is practical theology. Dwelling within the world -- understanding it, using it as Truth rather than Method -- and thereby 'living' it.

On Earth

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Practical theology is to be lived in the moment, within the context of the times that we are. This may be challenging. We have to be flexible and able to read political and social conditions. We are called to think and act according to the context of the moment.

As it is in Heaven

Practical theology is both transcendental and uncommonly practical. It is 'on earth' in that it is meant to be lived. It transcends 'earth'; and is 'like heaven' in that it focuses on grace and glorious utopian aspects such as love for all.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Theology Is Not a 'Thing' Assignment

Nonetheless, the two can be combined. We can work towards a practicality by perpetuating, and ceaselessly working towards these utopian concepts. Doing so makes earth in this world a heaven of the next.


Veling brings three pages of quotations where he shows the distinctiveness and specialty of practical theology. In essence, it translates religion into a more appealing, less abstract, more practical system that concretizes God-human relationship and brings the Divine existence into the lives of each and every person.



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