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¶ … theories is probably the main and most important thing when it comes to the creation of a business research project that is to be successful. This is due to the fact that it pushes the author towards taking stock of other knowledge which has been produced previously and is also assists authors to make identification of gaps, strengths, deliver constructs which are clear and at the same time ensure that there is the channeling of theoretical developments that will lead to the production of new knowledge which is valuable within the field. They also help in providing a comprehensive and complex conceptual understanding of certain things which can not be pinned down .theories therefore give a new lens to researchers through which they can be able to look into problems that are complicated thus shifting their focus on the different aspects of the data thus providing a framework through which analysis can be conducted (National Assistive Technology Research Institute, 2006). The generation of theories is done through deductive means through an act of creativity that has been empirically formed .therefore we can say that theories are created from a process of deduction and induction.

Presentation of theories in research articles

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It has been an observation that development of theories is not something that is too unique. As a matter of fact it comes from the universal need in humans to explain and order their personal experiences. A theory is a system of knowledge which is organized which is applicable in various circumstances in order to explain a particular set of phenomena (Office of Behavioral & Social Sciences Research, 2013). Theoretical models on the other hand involve constructs which act as a representation of some physical, social or biological processes that comprise of a set of variables and logical and quantitative relationships found between them. The construction of the models is done so that it is possible for reasoning to be done within a particular framework which is idealized.

Essay on Theories Is Probably the Main and Most Assignment

A dilemma that always presents itself is whether focusing on making attempts towards the production of ground breaking work which significantly breaks away from what is conventional or otherwise continue theoretical work that has been started by others who worked on a similar thing within their field. The most common form of theory development is that of the incremental improvement of the middle range theories that exist. Though most scholars have the dream of the creation of a theoretical perspective that is full-blown, wholly new and broad-gauged only a few of them end up with the realization of the dream. Instead theory development done by most of the researchers comprises of the improvement on extant explanations for what can already be observed through a process that involves empirical, logical or practical tests. When it comes to business research there is the anticipation of new conceptualizations of leadership, motivation, strategy or group dynamics hence this form of theorizing should not be termed as primary domain of theory development which is a scholarly craft.

Theory development

At the beginning of writing a business research, writers should ensure that their main focus is the development of the theories which are related to their specific area of expertise where they can easily express a practical understanding that they have gained as they have studied or have been working. Theory can be termed as practical since it is quite useful when it comes to guiding practice. At the same time it is only a good theory that can be practical but bad theories often end up being quite dysfunctional and they might even turn out to be harmful. The effective development of practices leads to the production of theories which end up lending themselves for more development. Once there has been a general familiarization with bodies of work that have been peer reviewed in a specific subject matter then the process of theorizing starts off through activities such as abstracting, relating, generalizing, selecting, synthesizing, explaining… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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