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¶ … Therapies and Influences

In the world of psychology there are number of different thinkers, who have such profound impact, that their ideas have become a part of the core foundation of this field of study. One such person is Sigmund Freud, who is largely credited with helping to provide a basic foundation for modern day psychology. However, to fully understand the impact of his ideas requires: examining how they became such an influence. This will be accomplished through looking at: Freud's theories, how they influenced our culture and how he is viewed in modern times. Together, these different elements will provide the greatest insights, as to overall impact of Freud's ideas on psychology and society.

Freud's Theories

The basic belief of Freud's theories is that everyone's personality is developed, based upon their childhood experiences. This is important, because it would underscore two of the biggest contributions that Freud would make to the world of psychology. Where, he would help to map the human mind and develop the basic foundation, for how various disciplines would take shape. The way the theory worked, is Freud would use a process called free association, to have the patient open up about what thoughts were on their mind. This is where they would openly discuss the various thoughts that would come into their mind, by blurting out words. At which point, the patient is encouraged to begin discussing what feelings and ideas are associated with these thoughts. During this process, is when the patients would tie the same kind of emotional intensity what they experienced. Once this takes place, is when a patient will begin to discover transference. This is where the patient will begin to examine the childhood relationship between: siblings, friends and parents. Where, they would determine hidden levels of conflict that existed deep within the mind. At the heart of Freud's theories was the conflict that existed between the life drive (libido) and the death drive. The life drive is when someone is experiencing desire / emotions tied to a number of activities including: sex, hunger, survival, and thirst. The death drive is when someone is experiencing emotions towards death. At the same time Freud, theorized different ways that the mind is subdivided to include: id, ego and super ego. This is important, because this would paint a total picture of the underlying conflict that exists in the individual. Where, they will experience a number of forces, pulling them in different directions. For the trained mental health professional, their job is to explore these inner conflicts, in order to resolve the different issues. (Houser)

How They Influenced Our Culture

The ideas of Freud would have an impact upon culture, by providing a basic foundation, for the human mind. Where, the various repressed ideas of someone would affect their behavior and emotions. One area where this can be seen in modern day psychology is with Psychoanalysis Therapy. This is where the mental health professional, will work with the individual to uncover the repressed emotions and thoughts; that are tied to various events that have occurred earlier in their life. The idea is to be able to uncover these thoughts, by having an in depth discussion,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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