Theory Application and My Philosophy Term Paper

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Philosophy of Nursing with an Emphasis on Labor & Delivery

Theory, Application, & My Philosophy

This paper is an insight into some philosophies of nursing with an emphasis on the process of Labor and Delivery. I believe the research was thorough and is well supported because I attempted to use relevant materials from several nursing theorists. I relied heavily on the Internet and other nursing journals and from other professional domains. The main objective of this report was to consider nursing, the future of nursing and the impact that I will have in the healthcare spectrum over the course of my career. I tried to identify my values and beliefs regarding the established metaparadigms and metatheories of nursing and the more succinct processes involved in regard to labor and delivery nursing. This assignment is a way for me to exercise the functions of clarification and organization about my own professional objectives. I have tried to incorporate some personal experiences through the use of conceptual materials and the 'patterns of knowing' which are: empirics, personal knowing, ethics and aesthetics.

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With that being said, being a nurse is a very important aspect of my life and a report such as this is therefore an easy proposition. The report has distinct phases. I begin with a brief personal history of some of my experiences in the nursing field and why I became a nurse in the first place. I then try to identify, discuss, and document my ideas about the four basic metaparadigms within theory of the patient, nurse, health, and environment. Next I move to an identification, discussion, and documentation phase for two theories specific to Labor and Delivery with examples. Next is an example of how the patterns of knowing philosophies helped me get to where I am today. I conclude with a list of propositions or assumption statements which tie this work together and connect the concepts described throughout this piece.

Personal History

TOPIC: Term Paper on Theory Application and My Philosophy Assignment

This part of the paper is about me and is a good picture of my personal history and experiences in nursing. In other words, it explains why I became a nurse. I hate to say it, but I believe that this profession was my destiny. I have to admit that I often wonder why anyone in their right mind would want to be a nurse considering the blood, vomit and other nasty things that go on in any typical day at the office. I am almost positive that it is not healthy to be around sick or dieing people on a daily basis.

For me, becoming a nurse was on the line of some inner calling that, in a sense, may be considered a destiny that is bit odd at best. I certainly never felt queasy at the sight of blood or any other types of accident scenes. As a child I always needed to bandage up my dolls and bears. Heck, I even added ketchup to make believe accidents and overturned strollers when I was little This gave a an effect of realness and it made me want to help those poor stuffed things even more as well as making my mom laugh. When I got those band aids on the dolls' knees I always felt a real sense of accomplishment.

Although the media says differently, the pay is not always what it is cracked up to be and the hours can be quite a challenge. I understand that my skill-level is a crucial component of my satisfaction and that any shortcomings or a lack of skill can entail dissatisfaction as a nurse. Sure I want to be paid because of my knowledge base. but, it is a serious myth that nurses are paid well and therefore satisfied because of the industry shortages and they are in such high demand. I love this job in spite of the income potential. I thrive on loyalty, trust and commitment. I have been lucky to work in environments in the healthcare community where it is understood that if the organization as whole is to provide a quality product or service, the organization requires employee commitment from top to bottom. My managerial teams have consistently provided me with the proper tools and climate to mesh my efforts into a complete team approach.

After learning of the true nature of nursing as an adult, I feel the insight that nursing is not all band aids has been an eye opening experience. Today I understand that I am not a normal person. That is because I still get that same sense of accomplishment that I felt as a child even when I am required to clean up another person's sick residue, stitch up a bloody gash or put my hands into any and all sorts of vile orifices. It is funny that I have personal experiences with some of the nasty and unpleasant substances emitted by our bodies. I can not believe some of the nursing tales that I have heard because of the fact that they were so disgusting that no one in their right mind would want to become a professional in this field. Yet, because it must have been my destiny, I am here and I love it.

Many people outside the field may be amazed that nurses get out of their beds and go to work each day. I have always felt a strong need to wake up in the morning and to make a difference throughout the day. Nursing as a profession offers me that opportunity. Besides, if nothing else, I get to wear scrubs to work and what is more comfortable than that? But all jokes aside, the work is challenging and it changes from day-to-day. There is no opportunity to get bored because as soon as you do another situation that needs one's full attention and therefore creates that sense of accomplishment that I needed from my childhood.

The basic responsibilities inherent in the profession fulfill my need for a challenging work environment. I know that job needs me to be able to utilize my mind and that I need to be a detail oriented individual that can handle the routines of things like pharmaceutical distribution on one end of the spectrum and a complete meltdown in an emergency room setting at the other end of the spectrum. I am wired for this topsy-turvy roller coaster environment and I have chosen to fulfill my need to be a nurse that was apparent when I was quite young.

Four Metaparadigms

There are certain assumptions about nursing that underlie my philosophy and framework. Nursing encompasses both theoretical and practical knowledge. Nursing is a practice-oriented profession so the background theory recognizes the value of knowledge and judgment related skills that we must acquire daily through practice. My view is simply that information needs to be gathered before any goals are set which helps me with my approach to assessing each patient. I place a great deal of emphasis on the theory of the Cognator where I focus heavily on my self-concept, I understand my role or function which allows for me to work in an inter-dependent team setting.

I feel I have a very good understanding of the minute differences between a thorough patient interview or a quick chat to ask if there is anything I can do as I am checking vitals. Although this theory of nursing is often applied to psychiatric nursing, community nursing, or long-term care facilities I believe it can also be helpful in regard to Labor and Delivery. Determining the significance of any particular theory to nursing is important when considering the metaparadigms of nursing. For example, "Cultural competency is the ability to care for clients in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. The development of respect for others is vital for the improvement of cultural competency. Many models explain how cultural beliefs evolve and progress and we need to examine these to see how they fit with our own cultural development." (Royal College of Nursing, 2004) follow the philosophy that first and foremost must consider any impact on the patient, health and professional environment. The business world is very well aware of the paradigm, but only we nurse practitioners could carry it to the next level -- we have the Metaparadigm. A Metaparadigm is basically a series or group of paradigms that share certain common values or ways of looking at and interpreting, and at times distorting reality. They represent a picture of the purpose for our discipline. This purpose is what I try to incorporate into my life on a daily basis.

A define and employ the basic metaparadigms of nursing theory into my professional practice. The competency development and caring on an everyday basis constitutes my professional expectations in regard to the perspectives of the basic four nursing metaparadigms of theory as they relate to the patient, nurse, health and environment. There are other major concepts that I also incorporate and employ that are unique to my professional practice. For… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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