Theory Building Term Paper

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Theory Building

There are many theories that relate to the fields of Information and Computer Security Management. In addition to management theories, there are also technical field theories such as game theory. According to Anderson et al. (2007), game theory can be used in the application of determining why and how systems fail. One of the reasons for failure might be incorrect incentives, which combines game theory with management theory. The authors provide the example of those who guard the system in question and the basic divide between them and those who suffer the full effects of the failure.

Game theory ideas can also be applied to environments where incomplete information occurs, where such information is critical but hidden from some principals. Peer-to-peer systems designers, for example use game theory in the application to distributed system architectures.

In terms of management, the manager needs to be aware not only of technical theories that apply to the security environment, but also the management of those who work with the systems.


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A proposition refers to a statement that refers to the relationships among concepts. It explain the logical links among specific concepts by also asserting that there is a universal connection among concepts. An example is the way in which employees are treated; where better treatment results in more loyal employees. The link between management styles and employee reactions is a logical one, but also universal, which means it is not in fact testable.

A hypothesis is more specific. It provides a formal statement that explains a potential outcome that has not been proven. In other words, it is a guess that an outcome might occur. One example is the hypothesis that salespeople who know most about products will be the most productive in their work. This is something that can be tested, since it concerns a specific population and a specific outcome.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Theory Building Assignment

The most significant difference between concepts and variables is the fact that one is static and the other may change. Variables may differ in numerical value. In other words, concepts are the different ideas that are offered in hypotheses. Variables are concepts that may change in number. Concepts are therefore variables before differentiating numerical values are assigned.


The words "there is nothing more practical than a good theory" were written by Kurt Lewin during the early 1950s (Vansteenkiste and Sheldon, 2006, p. 63). The idea behind these words can be viewed from two main angles. Those who create theories should provide innovative approaches towards the understanding or conceptualization of situations. These theoretical ideas then should offer new avenues towards practical solutions for the problems the situation creates.

From the opposite angle, applied researchers, working in the practical field, should provide researchers with theoretical information and facts derived from practical situations that can be used to find solutions to further practical problems. When applied to the field, it may be said that theorists should therefore create theories that can be used to solve social or practical problems, while those working in practice should make use of available theories to provide material for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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