Things Fall Apart Is a Book Essay

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Things fall apart is a book which revolves around the tragic scenes which occur in this material world. The book describes the real life incidents and can also be said to be a documentary. It tells us about the life story of Okonkwo and his terrible death after the arrival of white men; it also documents a story of the world that the white men ruined. To put tragedy in words the structure of the book put by the author is significant, and according to Aristotle's principles of tragedy the unimportant things must be eliminated to the central action. Achebe provides us comprehensive images of Igbo civilization, background and values. By the ending of the book, the reader understands that the story he has just read is the story of a society that has been irreversibly distorted. Another phase of Achebe's novel is to present a fair and insightful picture of Igbo way of life, as African people's traditions were coming to an end because of white scholars who were cruel and malicious. Departure from the subject is one of Achebe's most significant parts. He takes every chance he can to set up the picture effectively and let us know about a previously happened occurrence which is merely linked to his middle story. These excursions permit him to fill out his portrait of tribal life. The death of the main lead (Okonkwo) is observed as a piece of a great tragedy: the defeat and enforced conversion of admirable people. Achebe's book equally consists of gloomy events and remembrance. The sequence of events have a tendency to go off the point; to be aware of the solemnity of Okonkwo's tragedy, the person who reads must imagine him within the surroundings of his world. This story revolves around the lead character of Okonkwo. Endeavor and enormity are two narrowly linked topics. Okonkwo is a person who does not follow his father's principles and has contradictory views to his father. He is a man who has been treated with respect and regards in his own tribe. Okonkwo firmly believes in success and dignity. The author shows that Okonkwo is a character who has worked hard to gain respect of the people of his tribe. Okonkwo is a man of principles who gets aggravated on petty issues.

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Okonkwo is an arrogant, determined, and short-tempered person and is chosen as the lead character of the novel "Things Fall Apart." He was portrayed as a self-motivated man who has moved up from an unimportant, powerless person to a character of significance among his people; Okonkwo controls and regulates his relatives with an iron fist. He is extremely devoted to the customs and communal hierarchies of his people, and he is strong-minded that his sons and daughters track his challenging model. The disgrace enforced on him and his inhabitants by the British ultimately demonstrated to be a matter of utmost importance. Okonkwo admitted defeat in hopefulness as a result of disobedience and non-cooperation by his supporters. He takes his life by himself, partially so that he will not be performing any task subordinated to the white men's commandments and partially for the reason that he is brokenhearted for the loss of his citizens. Unoka (Okonkwo's father) was portrayed as sluggish and inappropriately inactive. He favored to be at home playing his flute, drinking, and socializing, more willingly than laboring to grow and preserve the crops required to support his family. As a consequence of this, Okonkwo's father on no account had sufficient cash, and his family went hungry. He agreed a high level of debt so as to maintain this standard of living. "If any money came his way . . . he immediately bought gourds of palm wine, called round his neighbors and made merry" (Achebe 4). Okonkwo supposed this as one-sidedness in the direction of the female, or inactive, side of his father's nature. Staying home and not making use of one's power to make available the facilities of life for the family is feature of how women act. He struggled a lot to re-establish himself as… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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