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Term Paper on Thinking Ethically Assignment

For purposes of this paper, the example of an ethical dilemma used is the decision by a product manager for a consumer appliance of whether to continue promoting and selling the appliance that has been rejected by product safety and compliance agencies of the federal government. While the product is safe to use electrically the product safety and compliance agencies state that the device could cause injury to small children and the elderly as the controls on it are difficult to operate. The product manager however can make well over 40% of their base salary if the sales objectives of the non-compliant product are attained. In making the decision of whether to continue selling the product or not, the product manager must first realize that their decision, while initially known only to them, will eventually have far-reaching effects throughout the organization. The product manager must take on accountability and internalize these risks if they are to make a good decision or not (Kouzes & Posner, 2003, pp. 307-336). While personal gain not only for the product manager but also for the sales force would significantly increase their stature in the organization and generate much internal praise, if the products were forcibly recalled by government agencies the product manager would face severe reprimands and possibly be fired. In this context it is clear that the product manager's superiors need to create a culture that stresses recognition of ethically right contributions… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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