Why Was the Thirty Years War Fought? Term Paper

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¶ … War was fought mainly over religion. Lutherans and Catholics already had tension between them as the 1600s approached. Additionally, Calvinism was on the rise in Europe. Since individual leaders were sanctioning religious activities, many groups were pressed to violence. Germany and the rest of the Holy Roman Empire was fragmented politically, adding to the overall tensions in European economies and politics in the 1600s. When Matthias the King of Bohemia died without descendents his cousin Ferdinand became King of Bohemia, as well as the leader of the Holy Roman Empire. In trying to force his Catholicism on the Bohemian Hussites, Ferdinand sparked anger and violence based on religious preference and availability of choice that escalated into the Thirty Years War.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Why Was the Thirty Years War Fought? Assignment

Politics greatly affected the outcomes of the Thirty Years War. Many leaders intervened based on their own religions; however, others took the opportunity to sway individual nations and make political bargains, all affecting the outcomes of the war. For example, Don Inigo Onate of Spain successfully convinced Saxony (which was Protestant) to assist against Bohemia in exchange for Lusatia, significantly changing the layout of Protestant power in Europe during the war. Concern… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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