Thomas Aquinas and God Essay

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For example, it takes some faith to grope around a room in the dark. The person trusts that the furniture has not moved and that there are no hidden disasters. Yet ultimately, it is reason that informs most thought in the tangible, transient universe. Likewise, the realm of God is best understood with faith but there are times reason can be used to grope around the spiritual darkness that is doubt and uncertainty. Aquinas's logic is remarkably solid, even though there are core assumptions about the universe that are not fully reconcilable with reason in an absolute way. The ways of knowing God are internally valid, even if they are not infallible arguments. God is not, for example, a necessary prime mover. The universe could be simultaneously nothing and something, but Aquinas remains completely unwilling to allow for the possibility that the universe was never created. A discomfort with nothingness and uncertainty is fully reasonable, which is why Aquinas's argument has its internal validity. The faith that Aquinas values and presumes is one that comfortably coexists with reason; and the reason that Aquinas uses in his arguments coincides with the philosopher's faith.

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According to Thomas Aquinas, faith is fully compatible with reason. Whereas faith is a superior method of ascertaining God, reason is often necessary for overcoming mental or cognitive hindrances to accepting the reality of God. Aquinas's argument related to the ways of knowing God provides a core framework for how one can present God to those who have weak faith. Ultimately, Aquinas distinguishes between the type of faith that is evident in absolute or mystical conviction; and the type of faith that is more intellectual in tone.

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Aquinas, Thomas. On Politics and Ethics. Trans. Sigmund, P.W.W. Norton, 1987. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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