Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther King Essay

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Thomas Aquinas & Martin Luther King

Natural law and human laws are instruments that provide order and justice. Implemented by government and formulated by authorities based on the common good of the community and guided by the will of God. A law may be just or unjust. This paper explores the notions of St. Thomas Aquinas and Luther King on the perspective that links Natural law and human law with what is considered as just.

Aquinas contends that natural law prescribes good to be done, evil to be avoided, man to be sociable, covenants to be honored, the truth of God be known and offense not committed. Natural law is wisdom of God and divine reason directing the universe to its end. Natural law is what subjects all things to divine providence. Human law on the other hand is the rational participation in natural law concerned with practical matters, not for speculation. It is a true law if it partakes of right reason and is derived from eternal law. (Ebenstein, 2000)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther King Assignment

In relation to the concept of natural law, Aquinas talks about the purpose and objective of the law. Aquinas argued that everything is viewed as having its end, a telos, toward which is naturally inclined and which its essential nature is defined. In addition, the telos provides a natural standard of value and excellence that which fosters the realization of the telos is good, that which inhibits evil. The function of law is to make men good, to realize the natural ends of man. (Donnelly, 1980: 521) Luther King had a related perspective on Aquinas in his letter on segregation laws of Birmingham. King argued that injustice is a threat to justice everywhere. With respect to freedom, King claimed that privileged groups seldom give up their… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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