Thomas More First of All, One Need Essay

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Thomas More

First of all, one need point out that the perspective from which Thomas More is viewed is also an essential element in determining whether he is a martyr or a man of conviction. A Catholic will always tend to believe that Thomas More was a true martyr rather than a secular authority. However, one also needs to judge in absolute terms and differentiate, first of all, between what a man of conviction and a martyr are.

The terms are very similar from the point-of-view of the individual staking something, often his life or freedom (the martyr) in defense of a certain cause, idea or ideal (both). In fact, the common ground between the two terms is exactly the fact that both are willing to stake so much in order to defend their beliefs. Nevertheless, there are also important differences. The most interesting one is the fact that the martyr's approach is solely in defense of an idea, without an attempt to change the belief of others or to implement his approach among the society. The fact that he is ready to go to all length in defense of a certain idea does not mean that he will try, at the same time, to convert individuals into sharing his belief.

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On the other hand, a man of conviction reports himself both to his own person and to that of the others. It is not only the defense of his credo and belief, but also the implementation of these beliefs among others and convincing them that his or her ideas are fundamentally true. This goes much further from the martyr sole belief in the idea as it is and much closer to getting adepts and proselytes to the idea that the man of conviction presents.

Essay on Thomas More First of All, One Need Assignment

Following the discussion here presented, one could thus support and argue the idea according to which Thomas More is, indeed, a martyr. His approach… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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