Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Essay

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Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson - First Inaugural Address

Thomas Jefferson's presidency was "decided by the voice of the nation," making it particularly important for him to devise an inaugural speech that would act as gratitude toward the people and as set of guidelines that would define his position regarding a series of matters needed to be addressed at the time. One of the main reasons for which this speech became more than just another First Inaugural Address was that Jefferson emphasized several fundamental theories in it. The fact that he insisted that people should not be differentiated on account of their political preferences increased people's awareness regarding political discrimination, making them more conscious on the topic of how people's characters made them unique, and not the fact that they chose different paths in life.

In spite of the fact that he lectured to both his voters and to the people who did not vote for him, Jefferson proved that he did not wish to favor either group, as he believed that everyone had been equal and people should not be judged on account of whom they favor. What is surprising for the era and for an American politicians (considering that most of these people are known for the ardent support they display toward the political party they belong to) is the fact that he chose to be impartial when concerning his position regarding the political scene in the U.S.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address Assignment

One of the main points raised during Jefferson's First Inaugural Address was related to the divergences taking place between Federalists and Republicans. Also, the speech speaks about the importance of religion in every domain, especially politics, further… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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