Thoracic Manipulation on Patients Article Critique

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" (Sharples, 2010) The HVLA manipulation is reported to involve a quick thrust over a short distance through what is termed a pathologic barrier. The movement is within a joint's normal ROM and does not exceed the anatomic barrier or ROM." (Sharples, 2010) When the patient is properly positioned HVLA makes a requirement of very little force and is specifically targeted to spinal segments." (Sharples, 2010) Treatment goals include "restoration of joint play or a desirable gap between articulating surfaces." (Sharples, 2010) This technique is stated to be effective in restoration of joint motion with little risk of worsening of symptoms. Sharples reports that the "biomechanical influence of manipulation is to improve the plasticity and elasticity of shortened and thickened soft tissue." (Sharples, 2010) In addition, fluid dynamic such as blood, lymph and synovial fluid" and is a model that focuses on "diminishing muscle tone and modulating pain." (Sharples, 2010)


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Article Critique on Thoracic Manipulation on Patients With Assignment

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