Thousand Splendid Suns Character's Physical Essay

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There was always something, some minor thing that would infuriate him, because no matter what she did to please him, no matter how thoroughly she submitted to his wants and demands, it wasn't enough" (90). Her goals in life are not very ambitious, just to live peacefully and quietly, without fear or pain. She would like to have children and becomes pregnant seven times, never able to bring a child to term.

3. Identify character's motivation

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Mariam has lived her whole life being marginalized and minimized. In every component of her life she has been destroyed and diminished in importance. As a child, she was constantly told that she was unimportant because she was both a woman and illegitimate. After she was reunited with her father, her lack of worth was underlined by his attitudes towards her. She is passed along to another man, old enough to be her own father and she has no say in the matter. "Maybe [her husband] saw some trace of all the self-denial, all the sacrifice, all the sheer exertion it had taken her to live with him for all these years, live with his continued condescension and violence, his faultfinding and meanness" (Hosseini 311). Her entire life has been one of subservience and domination by the males in her community and she has allowed this to go unabated because that is her place in society. That is why when she finally strikes her husband and kills him, it is an act not only against him but the whole male gender. Her goals in life have been dictated by her social structure. In this society, women are objects designed only to serve and satisfy the desires of men in their community. Mariam's goal in life is to fulfill this role, to be a wife and mother appropriate for her society. When she is unable to do that, because of her biological inadequacy and her inability to completely serve her husband, she fails both as a woman and as a citizen of a country controlled by the Taliban.

4. Theme:

TOPIC: Essay on Thousand Splendid Suns Character's Physical Assignment

The theme of the novel is one of male oppression by the patriarchal society. A Thousand Splendid Suns is about a woman named Mariam who has lived her whole life under the thumb of men, either in close proximity or at a distance. She is called a bastard and sentenced to domination by the whole of the male gender. First she is oppressed by her father and then by her husband, but these are only symptomatic of the larger oppression that all women face in countries where the Taliban is in control. In such a place, no woman could hope to achieve positions of power or importance. To an extent, every woman is in a marriage with the Taliban wherein they are dominated… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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