Term Paper: Threat -Domestic or International Terrorism?

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[. . .] Another trump card is safeguarding the infrastructure. These trump cards take precedence over all other government activities. More attacks on the United States keep the congress engrossed on these trump cards. If the industry does not evolve its own policies, the government creates new laws in order to achieve these goals.

The huge threat to the business is not the possible threat of a terrorist crashing an airplane into the building but the several numbers of new laws and regulations enforced in an effort to safeguard the transportation industry. Communications personnel should evolve a plan and instruct employees regarding their roles in the security audit. A person with security expertise can evaluate potential threats. Information technology experts safeguard valuable databases from cyberspace attacks. Engineers are well versed with the strengths and weaknesses of the company's infrastructure. Following a security audit, the company has to take necessary steps to meet possible risks. (Refrigerated Transporter, 2002)

Addressing new terrorism: Following the attack on the World Trade Center, the biggest threat is the realization that Terrorism has completely overturned. The main factor was that terrorism was primarily one group or nation which was held hostage to obtain concessions for another group- which is at present completely changed. The transformation took place over several years. The present face of terrorism is more about attacking the West's global influence on a cultural, political and religious level by groups who are not essentially making precise demands or trying to obtain concessions. Such attacks are more devastating, more extensive and may occur irrespective of time and place. North Americans will probably get used to the increased security measures and restrictions on personal freedom.

Terrorism and Zehad: In the last millennium, several cities in the United States, Seattle, Washington, annulled their New Year celebrations fearing "Islamic Terrorism." The reaction was rather interesting since the United States had earlier been spared from such ordeal except for certain senseless violence that afflicts them from their own citizens. The United States witnessed the media condemning "Islamic Terrorism" despite the fact that several thousands of Muslims were slaughtered in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Lebanon, Muluku, Palestine, Ache etc., As per the "Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1998"- published by the United States Department of State in 1998 the number of international terrorist attacks dropped, beginning a downward trend. This is a striking contrast to the fact that giving financial support for the "war" on terrorism is on the rise and the military expenses to punish Islamic States namely Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine etc., continues to grow.

The Department of States outlines the "Total Anti-U.S. Attacks" and the major concentrations of such attacks are not caused from Arabian countries or the Islamic States but are intense in Latin America including Central America and South America. The region accounted 78.4% of anti-U.S. attacks in 1998. ("Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1998") Hence, the above statistics reveal that the American citizens have little fear from "Islamic Terrorism." Latin America is responsible for 40% of the total international attacks and 78% of the total anti-U.S. attacks. Therefore it is quite essential that the American media ought to reveal the truth and put an end to the constant fear regarding Islam and Muslims around the world. (Mueller and Mueller, May/June 1999). "It is thus dangerous to disassociate terrorism from politics," but still the U.S. media continues to talk regarding the abstract war against terrorism ignoring the issues or context behind them." (Fuller 1998)


Domestic terrorism is limited only to some murder cases, protest measures, small-scale bombings, whereas international terrorism in U.S. such as the destruction of twin tower is a serious cause for concern. Private organizations in U.S. have been funding terrorist activities in Palestine, Hamas and elsewhere. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword. Therefore the biggest threat to the U.S. is International Terrorism as a revolt against the Gulf War, destruction of Afghanistan etc.

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