Three-Day Food Intake Nutritional Analysis Essay

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Too few carbohydrates and fats may result in lack of energy but, realistically, it is very difficult to consume too little carbohydrates or fat by people in the industrialized world who are not living in poverty (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009). Too much protein is associated with kidney problems (Hamric, Spross, & Hanson, 2009), but the issue with my protein consumption was more about choosing protein sources and cooking methods that add unnecessary fat in the process.

Fiber Intake Ranges

I did not consume enough fiber because my fruit juices were mostly imitation fruit with corn syrup and artificial flavoring, something I never realized before I started checking labels for this project. The only real source of fiber in my diet over this period was an apple and a banana. To increase my fiber, I will try to increase my fresh fruit consumption, substitute fresh fruit juice for imitation fruit juice, and I will substitute whole wheat flour bread and whole grain or whole wheat cereals for the enriched wheat flour breads and cereals containing large amounts of sugar.

Dietary Modifications

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I have fallen into a pattern of eating what is most convenient and of preparing my foods without enough consideration of how much fat can be added to foods that start off as healthy choices during the cooking process. In addition to the changes mentioned already, I intend to reduce my consumption of all sources of simple carbohydrates as much as possible and to substitute more complex carbohydrates as often as possible. I intend to increase my consumption of fresh fruits to increase my fiber because even fresh fruit juices lose significant amounts of fiber in comparison to the fresh fruits they come from, in addition to greatly increasing the concentration of fruit sugars such as fructose per serving size (Larson-Duyff, 2007).


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TOPIC: Essay on Three-Day Food Intake Nutritional Analysis Assignment

Rinzler, C.A. (2004). Nutrition for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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