Three Dimensional Art Term Paper

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Woman Addressing the Public

Joan Mir, a Spanish artist who lived from 1893-1983, painted this work. He sculpted this work, "Woman Addressing the Public: Project for a Monument" in 1980-81, only two years before his death, in the late 1620s, in a very modernistic, surrealistic style. It is sculpted in bronze, sized 12 ft. 2-1/2 in. x 8 ft. (372.1 x 243.8 cm). The Kimbell Art Museum acquired the piece in 1996, and it stands at the entrance to the museum.

This arresting three-dimensional sculpture is a modernistic figure of a woman with her arms outstretched, supposedly addressing a crowd of onlookers. It also looks as if she were going to embrace them. Her massive "feet" and legs dominate the piece, and it is larger than life, and a good way to greet people arriving at the museum. The line and motion of the piece is all curves and rounded lines, while the overall shape is tall, but rounded, too.

It would not seem that a sculpture would have motion, but this piece does have it in the very design of the piece. The way the arms are outstretched it seems as if the woman is reaching out at that very moment, and this feeling of motion carries the piece and makes it more interesting. What is also interesting is that the motion gives the piece a feeling of lightness, while the actual foundation of the piece is extremely heavy and even awkward. Taken together, the mass of the piece is less noticeable and more appealing somehow.

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The lighting of this work of course depends on the natural light surrounding it, and yet it has a light of its own. The shiny black reflects the light, while the bronze piece in front reflects the light even more and draws your eyes to the center of the piece. Even on a cloudy day, this piece has its own form of lighting, which is very interesting to see. The light value of the piece is not bright and shiny, but rich and detailed, and that makes it somehow easier on the eyes somehow.

Term Paper on Three Dimensional Art Assignment

The texture and pattern of this work at first appears totally smooth, but as you look more deeply at it, there is texture and pattern in the black areas, as though the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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