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A forest fire can easily get out of control because it has participating elements.

The USDA has decided on several plans of action they are going to implement. They are going to clear out shrubbery, because they determined that wildlife is not more important than human life. They will build houses with metal roofs, and encourage existing homeowners to rebuild their roofs. They will build damns and river flows to distribute the rainforest to humid and dry areas.

But it is not to be left up to the officials to do everything. Realizing if your home is in a high-risk area for fires and taking the necessary precautions is a preventive measure anyone can take. Educating your kids on how to escape safely should an emergency happen, a better preventive measure is teaching your kids how to stop a fire before it happens are also good preventions. Fire extinguishers, keeping the grass trimmed (even on unused property), limit the stacks of wood piles and do not stack the wood to close to your house, are other suggestions offered by the USDA.

For those who wish to make a bigger contribution to the prevention of fires, there are several options. Volunteering to speak to organizations, doing volunteer work for the fire department, and donating to your favorite fire prevention charities are ways to prevent fires. One would never know when he or she will make a difference and prevent one fire.

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If the USDA was to enforce the new regulations and laws, the expectation is, of course eliminating fires. As mentioned before, the biggest problems are allowing the underbrush to grow and not enough rain in the humid areas. If the USDA was to monitor the extra grass and weeds allowed to grow in the forest and they were to distribute rainforest to humid areas, the expected result would be the successful elimination of forest fires.


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