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[. . .] It is evident that about 50,000 U.S. patients are on queue in quest of organ donations and about one lakh for tissues. 9

Deficiency and timely availability of donated organs and tissues, required for transplantation results heavy toll of death of the patients. Against this perspective it is considered that by donating tissues one can afford to revive lives among the patients. In medical science it is often observed that the grafting of organs is the only alternative in some cases for restoring normal functioning. 10 The donation of the tissues is accounted for as the last but not least important contribution counting towards his good deeds. The choice to donate the tissue determines the way the one desire to live one's life and even after death. It is seen that the issues relating to donation of tissue involves many denounced and derogatory beliefs. It is universally known that the man is not eternal and subject to death one day.

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Ignorance still persists among the general people as well as the medical practitioners about the uses of tissue donations and infusion of more awareness is highly required. To take an example, try to feel the situation of car accident resulting in severe injury of a dearer friend, which involved brain disorders, bone fractures, and requiring blood to the tune of two pints. Fortunately, suppose your blood grouping is compatible to that your friend. Just associate yourself with the incident. Think of yourself being one of his family members in the waiting room of the hospital expecting indications of the doctors about safe news of your friend. At this moment the doctor requires your donations in order to help your friend recover. Just relate your reactions with the fact that you were in the car that met with accident and not fortunate enough like your friend to be survived. Your last act of post death donation of the tissue will still serve saving your friend's life.

In this case also your option to donate also be positive similar to the situations of your anxiousness to save the life of your friend when you were alive and in the waiting room. A prior indication about the donation of tissues on your driving license or on other authorized papers will go a long way in saving the life of your friend. The options for tissue donation are visualized as a considerate and humanitarian action. Options for a tissue donation must be disclosed and widely known. According to the prevailing legislations, the family members only are empowered to maintain the options exercised by the deceased donor. Therefore, it considered being of utmost significant that the family members should be aware of your wishes of donating the organs and persuaded enough to take actions accordingly after your death. 11

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It has been explicitly made clear by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that disclosing the option of donation and making aware the family and members and all concerned about it is as significant as exercising the option. Amidst the scarcity of the tissue donors to a donor of organs is considered very significant. In consideration to the weight age accorded to the life and the life of other fellow beings the donation of the tissue is visualized as ones ethical commitment towards society. The Department of Health and Human Services assists in resolving the issue in case one is confused and still not fully aware of the same. Donating the tissue involves assistance to number of people. 12

It is exhilarating to note that the heart of the donor thrills within some others body after his death; his lungs help somebody in respiration; his kidneys will save two patients from undergoing dialysis; transplantation of his liver recovers a patient; his corneas enable two blind in seeing; his bones assist in repairing fractured joints; grafting of his donated skin assists in treatment of patients suffering from burn injuries. The contribution of the donor does not take into account the locality of the donor, the donor himself or his standards. This signifies the enormous capacity that every body has for presenting the most valuable thing in the earth to the society. It is essential to persuade one's family about donating tissues that means presenting someone with his life. This is taking up of decisions in line with the example of assisting a friend struggling with his life requiring your assistance. It is considered as an ethical responsibility. 13

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It has been estimated that out of the 2 million deaths in United States every year, 14, 000 have the potentialities to be the organ donors. However, it is seen that only 5000 are really donating their tissues. 14 Against this backdrop of scarcity of tissue donations as a result of the fact that only a few are coming forward while innumerable patients are waiting for their survival, it is of absolute necessary that more and more people are induced to be the donors.

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