Tormented the Minds of Both Philosophers Essay

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¶ … tormented the minds of both philosophers and scientists throughout time, that is, the existence of god. some parties have argued that god exists, others that he does not while there are voices who declare that it is only possible for god to exist (which means that it is just as possible for him not to exist). All the parties have suggested various proof in order to support their thesis.

The evolutionary theory seems to be the strongest proof which suggests that god is a mere invention and not reality. According to it, the species have evolved and man as we know today is nothing but a sort of derivate from a highly developed ape. The theory is based upon empirical observation and various types of experiments. In addition, the discovery of signs of civilisation dating before Christ and of pieces of human skeletons as well, contributes to supporting the same idea. Genetics and medicine generally prove that man is a perfect machine, created in order to be able to handle its own environment. Its development to the condition of homo sapiens seems to be the natural course of nature.

However, if we are to accept this hypothesis, we might as well try to go back in time and ask ourselves how life came into being. We can only assume that the universe has created the necessary conditions such as air and water for life to come into place. Naturally, the first forms of life had nothing to do with the human one.

Eventually, in time, the human gene must have arose as a mere consequence of evolution. Nevertheless, at this point we might as well ask ourselves what is the reason of such evolution. The universe is undergoing a life cycle and man might as well perish just like the dinosaurs, but what is the meaning of all this? It is at this point that philosophy comes into place, trying to offer plausible explanations.

Others might however argue that there is no explanation whatsoever and that all the philosophical answers that might come in handy are nothing but an attempt which man makes in order to satisfy his need to feel important. Notwithstanding we can continue to wonder, not what created the world, but what created the universe.

Is it possible for matter to have created itself? Is it possible for potential energy to become reality through its very own intensity? Admitting this hypothesis is very similar to admitting that god created the universe and he also created himself. At this point we might as well consider both hypotheses invalid.

Remaining in the area of science, we must underline that all the scientific voices argue that the existence of god is most likely an invention. Some of their supportive evidence refers to death which is obviously an irreversible process. Death being the harshest possible reality, demonstrating the fact that the human body is a machine which undergoes decay and then stops functioning, it results that a rehabilitation of this body is impossible (hence, all the beliefs regarding heaven, hell and the after life become nonsense).

Others might as well argue that the Christian doctrine, based on the fundamental idea of an eternal life is nothing more but a response to man's psychological incapacity of accepting the fact that he has a limited duration of earth. In addition, it can be argued that such religious doctrines are needed in order to control the masses. Man being evil and selfish by nature, it is harder to control him through violent means. Psychological pressure can be far more efficient and this type of pressure is achieved through ideas such as hell and heaven.

Nevertheless, just as scientists say that a dead body can not be regenerated we might also argue that people who lived five hundred years ago could have sworn that something such a fridge or a plane or a space shuttle can not exist. Since they support the theory of evolution we might brig the theory of scientific evolution as a counter argument.

Perhaps cloning and the use of stamina cells are only the beginning of a scientific process which will allow man to live forever, although that might prove to be a bit tiring. Scientist believe in the power of science and solid evidence, but they also admit that science is limited. This, together with the acknowledgement that the human mind is also limited, leaves place for the possibility of god actually existing.

Philosophers have argued that nature and god are the same thing. They also believe that the current existing reality is nothing but the only possible consequence of what has existed before. Things are as they are because they could not have gone in a different manner. But, this does not answer the question regarding the existence of a being which is omnipotent and omniscient.

It ahs also been suggested that man is kind and his nature is profoundly good because everything, included man, has been created by god. God being quintessentially good, then so should man be. Nature, as we have seen, is god. knowing that nature is good and assuming that it too comes from god, then the only conclusion that we can draw is that god must exist. But having the ethical factor as a decisive supportive piece of evidence makes the issue even more complicated.

One only needs to take a good look around himself in order to realize that human nature is not that good. After two world wars and an unexplainable need to defend peace through the construction of weapons of mass destruction one can very well state that human nature is evil. Since human nature is corrupted and god can be only good, then it results that man and god have nothing to do with each other. But, if god exists then everything which exists derives from him. Since we have seen that man does not derive from god, then the obvious conclusion is that god does not exist.

Another argument regarding the non-existence of god refers to the issue of free will. If god exists and he is omnipotent, then everything which exists derives from his will. In other words all the actions of a person are determined by the will of man's creator. From this point-of-view, our freedom is only an illusion and we act driven by impulses which are induced by god.

This is not plausible. Man acts according to his own values and beliefs and even if these are influenced by his education and the environment, it is different from saying that they are entirely determined by another being. If we are to believe in the absolute freedom of man's will, then we can only deduce that god can not exist.

Discussing the matter from a perspective in which we assume that god exists and that the human mind is limited it results that god may exists but we are not able to perceive him as he is. We have seen that both science and the human mind are limited. We have also agreed that things must have a purpose, nothing exists just in order to exist without serving a cause. This does not imply that things exist because god wants them to exist or because they need to serve the purposes which god has. This does nothing more than allow for the possibility to admit that god may exist.

According to some other philosophical voices, the existence of god is an argument which can simply not be proven. At this point one either believes and hopes to enjoy eternal life in paradise after the physical death or he simply dies and that is just that while the one who does not believe dedicates himself to a life full of probably sinful pleasures.

It could… [END OF PREVIEW]

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