Term Paper: Torture an Animal?

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[. . .] Animal testing would be necessary in determining side effects or possible problems. If animals were not used to test this new development, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to determine how it would affect humans. I would not feel comfortable sending the product to hospitals if it was not thoroughly tested and I know that the government would not approve it.

Serious injury, worsening of health condition, severe defects, or even death could be caused by an untested development. To prevent this from happening, the research department should use the minimal number of animal to test the skin graft.

I would want to be a major part of the animal testing, rather than pass the responsibility to a laboratory technician. By taking a significant role in the process, I would ensure that the department used as few animals as possible and took all precautions necessary to make the process painless for the animals used.

In my opinion, the advances and positive results of animal testing definitely outweigh the negative aspects of the process. Many people who protest against animal testing do so without supplying the medical industry with alternatives to the testing.

At present, animal testing is necessary for the preservation of human life. I believe it is necessary for success of the skin graft development, which would be a major breakthrough for mankind. Therefore, I would absolutely take full part in using animals to test…

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