Total Fitness and Wellness Essay

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Fitness experts have long been aware that "exercise and sport are fueled by three different energy systems that produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP); the aerobic system, the lactic acid system (anaerobic glycolysis) and the ATP-PC system" (Kerr, 2003) and a quality exercise program will take these energy systems into account. Aerobic training is typified by long distance and low intensity cardiovascular workouts and my daily walks with the dog are great additions to my aerobic fitness. Utilizing the lactic acid, or anaerobic, system involves short bursts of intense activity which tear down and rebuild individual muscles in the absence of oxygen. Short bursts of all-out sprinting during softball games and practices are examples of lactic acid system training, as are steep climbs which require pulling my entire body weight over boulders or cliffs. The rate at which I recover from physical exercise is determined by whether or not a particular activity is aerobic or anaerobic in nature.

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To fully achieve the physical adaptation of the body through exercise it is critical that certain periods of time are considered. Muscle growth and development, even for the most dedicated of weight trainers, is a matter of six months at least and this timespan must be taken into consideration when planning an exercise program. Even though noticeable results may be seen in the first few months, the program must be adhered to if the physical changes are to become fully manifested. For walkers and joggers the proper increment to measure one's progress should be a function of distance traveled and time. If my dog walking is to become a legitimate source of exercise I must be sure that I am walking further every week and month to challenge myself and spur muscle growth. Weightlifters measure their progress in pounds or kilograms and use repetitions and sets to gauge their physical adaptation.

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To improve my personal exercise routine it is essential that I add a wider range of activities to my over lifestyle which focus on strength training and nonlocomotion skills. A combination of weekly yoga sessions and lifting free weights at home would balance my exercise habits while providing a full range of physical benefits. When my dog is feeling up to it, turning the daily walk through the neighborhood into a light jog is also a great way to increase the intensity of one of my current activities. Carrying a weight in my backpack while I am hiking in the wilderness would add a strength-building component to this area of my fitness program. Staying adaptable and looking for creative ways to keep my exercises fresh and challenging is the key to maintaining a high level of personal fitness.


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