Toulmin Model Argument Essay

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Civilizations and Nations that have some corruption in them have went through circumstances of nature destruction like removing trees or selling of land in places such as wooded areas or wet areas. In its place, leaders at all levels should inspire more time in nature, support ecological approachable programs like formation of arboretums (Merritt, 2010), endorsing a green earth and eco-consumer goods all through shopping, and formation of dams among others.


Essentially, human beings are the ones that are called to make sure that the earth is taken care of. It is their job to make sure that they have the best interest of the environment. They need to take care of the earth just as they take care of their own bodies. This is important because apparently if they do not care of their bodies than they will not even think twice about the environment (Merritt, 2010). It is important that everyone come together on earth to participate in some kind of activity that will help keep the environment intact. It is obvious that everyone gets their food from the earth and without taking the proper care of the earth people's lives could possibly endangered also (Guth, 2005). For instance, if the food gets contaminated because the earth is toxic then so will the food. There is an old saying that says you are what you eat and in this case that is true.

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When it comes to giving the support in regards to the fact that Christians are called to be a servant to the lord who is every body's maker, all our actions, point-of-view, times, determinations, and everything will be devoted to the protection of this planet. It is on account of service to God that human beings will break off from unconscious modern culture practices that put an end to the earth and embrace lifestyles that have changed. Furthermore, house of worship, country and leaders of the community will be devoted to introducing and encouraging programs and practices that bring about environment kindliness (Guth, 2005).


Essay on Toulmin Model Argument Assignment

To begin with, Christianity holds on to the fact that God is righteous and because we are Christians, should be the exact same. Holiness is very important because it expects all Christians to get rid of all the rotten things that are not right before the eyes of God. As the world appears to be revolving and transforming, things such as the practices and culture, falling into the enticement of sustaining humankind at the expenditure of God is extremely easy (Merritt, 2010). With that being said, Christians are basically called in every part of their lives to just not pay any attention to all ecological critical practices of the world. For example, human beings will need to do things like take extreme measures and this would involve embracing programs that will inspire environmental re-establishment. For example, inspiring and using different sources of energy like wind and solar which by no means are responsible when it comes to polluting or destroying the environment (Gassaway, 2009). Furthermore, churches and singular Christians will need to get involved and start endorsing a green-earth by getting the world to understand how important it is to take care of the environment.

Most do not understand that having a role model is something that is important. The reason for this is because it can contribute to motivating one to follow suit or even mirror what they are observing. The same situation is accurate with the position of Christians in maintaining and keeping the earth preserved. By reporting and discontinuing worldwide and local environmental unfriendly businesses, the church is setting some kind of pace for communities and people to take the position of protesters and directly do anything to stop them for the sake of future generations also (Wilkinson, 2012). As mentioned earlier, if Christians can take the time out and brush their teeth, comb their hair and take a bath, in other words, take care of their bodies so that means that Christians should be able to glorify God by taking care of the environment in the exact similar way. Furthermore, just like businesses have need of proper management in order to run them, so the planet has need of the humans serving it.

Wilkinson (2012) notes that the utmost strategy of consecration takes place, when everything consisting of the environment is immaculate and an immaculate environment is a sign for what is considered to be purity. Speaking from the Old Testament, it is obvious that our environment is everything and it is what God had assured His individuals. This is saying that everything that was created was holy, and as a result, when humans take care of the environment the result is that they reinstate was holiness is supposed to be


On the other hand, rivals possibly will believe that humans should have nothing to do with the environment if they have not showed any interest in taken care of their neighbor that may have some needs just like Jesus was teaching humans to love their neighbors just as they would do for themselves (Guth, 2005). This is accurate and human beings need to get into the habit of taking care of a disadvantaged Christians or non- Christian fellow citizens before even looking at the environment. The lives of human beings are valuable and just like Jesus brought healing to the sick, destroyed persecution and other acts of faith (Wilkinson, 2012).

Nobody is saying that the conservation of environment will be a piece of cake or attained effortlessly by only taking Christianity and religion, as other factors for instance the political concerns will have to be dealt with as well. For instance, it is not easy to do away with the political issues when it comes to maintenance of the environment, and for that reason, the faith that is looked for in maintenance may be slowed down by disappointment by other factors.


The boundary to this entitlement is typically because of the fact that Christianity is very different and a lot of churches and Christians are embracing various sections of the bible (Merritt, 2010). On the other hand, Christians really need to be permitted to clinch the conservation of the surroundings by free will and not by irrational forces from the church to clasp the environment at the cost of their other extremely held morals in their existences. In spite of the significance of nature, humans ought to not be called to live for what makes their lives even worse by encircling them in practices dissimilar from their inclinations.

There is a number of songs have been focused on upkeep of the environment and even a Number of values has taken by themselves to preserve what environs them. On the other hand, there has continuously been some antagonism among faith and science, and faith has continuously come sturdier than something such as science. There are a number of Clerics in The U.S. And other religious leaders that have put the emphasis on speaking on behalf of the environmental concerns, and this is basically saying that it is impossible that faith can be done away with when it comes to the Greening Cooperation


It is clear that it is the job of the Christian to keep the environment in tip top shape. However, others would argue that the environment is not that important and that the focus should be on other things such as crime. Nevertheless, it is clear that the bible instructs those In Christianity to take care of the earth.


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