Tour America Direct Evaluate Website Assessment

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The heading of the website advertises the company has been in business for seventeen years, which does convey a certain amount of legitimacy in terms of its positioning, regardless of the questionable visual design. Unfortunately, the stock photo of a woman available for 'live chat' undercuts this claim of being well-established and professional. Rather than using interesting graphics regarding travel, the website instead is peppered with images of the managing director, which is likely to be of little interest for someone seeking to plan a vacation. There is also a great deal of advertising on the website for travel. While this is understandable in terms of the company's need to garner revenue on one hand, the invasive nature of the large and animated ads suggests that the company does not necessarily have the traveler's best interests at heart, and is primarily a money-making operation.

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In terms of relevant legal information, the website provides a link for travelers to an ESTA form that it says is required for users to complete before traveling to the United States. The link to the 'terms and conditions' is in a pdf file with extensive fine print which also does not contribute to the website's credibility. Also, for all of its aggressive promotion, the website does not deploy market segmentation in an effective fashion -- it generically targets users looking for cheap flights, but gives no specific information for families or travelers looking for specific 'types' of U.S. experiences. This fails to deploy one of the web's most useful advantages to companies -- the ability to give specific information to specific kinds of people (Piccoli 2001). Competing on price alone is seldom an effective strategy; given that consumers can so easily keep an eye out for deals on a variety of Internet travel portals.


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TOPIC: Assessment on Tour America Direct Evaluate Website Assignment

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Tour America Direct (2012). Official Website. Retrieved: [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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