Tourism Chicago City Essay

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The main stake holders within this tourism paradigm include the city's government, the citizens of the city and the economic business leaders included in tourist activites. The city must combine the unique contributions of each stakeholder to create a comprehensive tourist destination.

Forms of Tourism

Chicago offers many different forms of tourism. Entertainment tourism is a very large component of this practices with many sports, theaters, dining and siteseeing opportunites available in Chicago. Shopping and history also plays a large role in the tourist activities of Chicago. Lake Michigan, the largest fresh water lake n North America also provides many water and sailing-based tourism as well.

Application of Sustainability Indicators

Due to Chicago's urban framework, sustainability and environmental issues are big challenges. Chicago does much to promote itself as eco-friendly but falls short in many areas, as would any large metropolis.

Competition and Collaboration

Chicago is a large city around the Midwestern section of the United States and feels some of its main competition from other large cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Cities such as Milwaukee and Indianapolis sometime collaborate with Chicago as being supplemental visit stops. Lake Michigan is also accessible from many different areas demonstrating another competitive aspect of this city.

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Destination Marketing

Chicago sells itself as a destination because of the many differing options one has in such a large city. Every vice and interest can most likely be serviced in one way or another and Chicago can make tourists happy.

Tourism Trends

Essay on Tourism Chicago City: Chicago, IL Assignment

Tourism trends are growing in Chicago as previously mentioned but it is important for Chicago to keep growing and changing with the time in order to keep its mass appeal. Tourism trends are fickle and change quickly so a city such as Chicago needs to constantly explore ways to take advantage of new trends in the industry.


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