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¶ … Tourism Destination Management

The title of the article is "The sustainability of island destinations: Tourism area life cycle and teleological perspectives. The case of Tenerife" and its authors are Juan Ramon Oreja Rodriguez, Eduardo Parra-Lopez and Vanessa Yanes-Estevez. The three authors are professors of Economic Science at the Laguna University in the Canary Islands which positively contributes to the background of the article in question.

The aim of the article is to formulate a conceptual framework for the promoting of sustainability of island Tourism. Also, the article uses the life cycle paradigm to project the evolution of this particular kind of tourism. The research is based on a theoretical standpoint previously explored when writing about island tourism. The life cycle model formulated by Butler in 1980 and revised in 2000 is a descriptive model which offers the possibility of long-term planning that is crucial to tourism in general. Nevertheless, because a descriptive model is somewhat limiting, the authors also utilize the Teleological model, an endeavor which clarifies multiple aspects and definitely offers a wider perspective on island tourism.

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Butler's 1980 life cycle model was based on the hypothesis that destinations pass through six stages, i.e. Exploration, Involvement, Development, Consolidation, Stagnation, Decline and Rejuvenation, each carrying its specific characteristics. Since it proved incomplete in the sense that it did not fully manage to explain "growth, change, limits and intervention" (Oreja Rodriguez et al.: 2) in a tourist destination, the model was 'updated' by incorporating eight elements: dynamism, process, capacity or limits to growth, triggers, management, long-term viewpoint, spatial components and universal applicability. These eight elements have turned it into a universally applicable model of analysis of tourist areas.

Term Paper on Tourism Destination Management the Title of the Assignment

The teleological model relies on the theoretical hypothesis that the evolution of a tourist destination is dependent on a number of variables which influence internal development which in turn, determines general development in a certain tourist area. These variables are "institutional decision making, objectives, strategic planning and social construction" (Oreja Rodriguez et al.: 2).

Having stated and explained the theoretical approach underlying the article, the reader is introduced to the case study in question, i.e. Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Tenerife is the largest island of the archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, and at the same time, the center of the Canary Islands which in fact, represent and autonomous region within the Spanish state. The authors argue that Tenerife has reached maturity and is now naturally progressing towards sustainability as a means of moving past the state of stagnation it has encountered. From the teleological perspective, sustainability results from two well-defined considerations, i.e. tourism restructuring and specific prioritization.

The conclusions of the authors reveal that indeed, the initial assumption that only one theoretical model could not explain the complex issue of sustainability. Moreover, the authors conclude that sustainability has to incorporate measures for the conservation of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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