Tourism Internet Distribution System Essay

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If some agreements on hotel industry standards would be settled, business to business (B2B) system and business to customer (B2C) system in hotel industry would provide both enterprises and consumers more benefits (Xiang, Zhou & Chowdhury, n.d.).

Security is one of the most important and complicated challenges related to this industry. There are many studies that have been done in regards to providing security solutions of integration of heterogeneous computers and resources spread across multiple domains with the intent to provide users services. One of these issues is to keep the contents confidentiality and integrity. The goal is to ensure that no one tampers with or steals the data that is transferred through public networks. Another issue is to control access to web services. Before use web services, end users must pass the authorization procedure. Finally, but not least importantly, protecting the server from malicious attacks is practical and imperative problem because there always no enough security when services opened to the Internet (Xiang, Zhou & Chowdhury, n.d.).

Beside the technical issues that are present, there are also social issues in regards to security and privacy. Consumers sometimes have issues with hotels or hotel groups keeping their personal profile on hand. They feel that if their personal information is open for other organizations like travel agents, to access through web services, it is possible for them to abuse the information or be spied on by criminals. This a very serious problem that still needs legislation developed around it in order to have a solution (Xiang, Zhou & Chowdhury, n.d.).


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